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Abundance vs. scarcity

Interesting quote, gotta run:

The whole aim of US economic policy under both Democrats and Republicans is essentially Hamiltonian: To counter the radical deflationary threat of abundance and ephemeralization through artificial scarcity. To prevent technologies of abundance from deflating the economy, destroying trillions in exchange value, making most investment capital superflous and radically reducing work hours, it’s necessary to make them artificially expensive and raise the capital outlays and overhead required to adopt them. This is a way to create artificial outlets for the surplus investment capital the rentier classes have lying around, and to enclose progress as a source of rents for the propertied classes.

Permaculture is about abundance, too.

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Correct link to article:

It's an interesting article centering on 3D-printing vs. corporate manufacturing. The one now is to Jonathan Chait's "Why is Obama so Confident?" about the over-weighting of white voters in national polls.