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About those coder's boot camps....

New York Times:

A new educational institution, the coding boot camp, is quietly emerging as the vocational school for the digital age, devoted to creating software developers.

These boot camps reflect the start-up ethic: small for-profit enterprises that are fast (classes are two to four months), nimble (revising curriculum to meet industry needs) and unconcerned with SAT scores or diplomas. Most are expensive, but some accept a share of the graduates’ first-year earnings or a finder’s fee from employers as payment.

Of course, some might call "a share of the graduates’ first-year earnings" indentured servitude, but what of that? No, I'm more concerned about the "start-up ethic," which is perhaps best shown in an annotated version of the photograph that accompanies the article:

Of course, "for profit" is a great sorting device for them that has, so gender and skin-color aren't all that's going on here.... But still.

UPDATE I forgot to say, how clever of the photographer to put the one black guy and many of the women right up front.

UPDATE And one wonders how many of that 22% of women will get jobs, and how many of them will be harassed out of the business.

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