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About those "Cadillac" health plans...

go read Allegre. From the intro at the top:

This is pure bullshit, and one of many reasons why this bill needs to be torpedoed. I pay about $1k/month for my older employees, which means the "reformers" would hammer me for treating my employees well. One of the major reasons our firm is successful is we have loyal, dedicated employees, who are treated well, and with respect. They reciprocate with amazing productivity and quality of work. And Congress wants to punish this dynamic?

Well fuck them, and their little cabana boys Ezra and Matt.

Thanks, "progressives"!

Although I do prefer "Versailles pool boy" to "cabana boy." It's more nuanced.

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"their little cabana boys Ezra and Matt" travels better and "cabana boys" hits those twits where it hurts.

Now if everybody would just remember that the "cabana boys batallion" led Josh Marshall were pro-invasion of Iraq.

Military Service? Cabana boys "have better things to do".