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About the Supreme Court

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Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, et al knew that these guys were corrupt, racist, sexist ogres when they were up for confirmation. They could have organized a proper filibuster.. Bork was stopped, these ogres could have been stopped. Going back to at least as far as Bush vs Gore we knew that no member of the Federalist Society would decide according to the law, but only according to the conservative agenda.

Democratic politicians consistently ask us to defend them and consistently refuse to defend us. Now many won't be able to vote for Democrats, they will be forcibly prevented from doing so.

A word to the Koch brothers and everyone fool enough to think that they have won. The peasants of 18th century France were prevented from voting. You think you can stay in power forever by means of this sort of trick, you have a very shallow understanding of history.

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The Democratic Party is like a horse that refuses take commands from its owner and stubbornly refuses to carry him.

The owner does not go out and get a new horse, but picks up the horse and carries it around in the belief that, eventually, the horse will change its mind.

Years later, the horse is thinking, "I'm a genius!"

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and so true, I'll have to wonder around the tubes today to see what the obots are spinning this.