If you have "no place to go," come here!

About the Donald...


Trump has always known that the pageantry of a presidential campaign is a near-perfect marketing opportunity. He has been running this ruse since 1987, the first time he ruminated about replacing the permanent political class that had made America a “laughingstock.” He has gone farther this time to sell the fantasy, hiring political staff in states like Iowa and New Hampshire. But the success of the stunt will still be measured in money, not votes.

After all, there are about eight billion reasons Trump won’t be president. He was pro-choice until recently. He supported massive taxes on the ultra-rich. He has advocated tightening gun laws. He backed single-payer healthcare, a policy that conservatives abhor even more than Obamacare.

Well, that's pretty amazing.

Trump is a ridiculous squillionaire and a relentless self-promoter. But he's to the left of Hillary Clinton, in Sanders territory, on health care, i.e., sane? Who knew?

No wonder the press hates him!

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