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ABC news is reporting that AARP will "reluctantly" support cuts


to SS. They will fight as best as possible, but feel they have to give in to guide the "cuts and restructuring" to save the program. Oh I forgot to mention that won't "allow" cuts to current recipients . LINK


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Benefit cuts are so gauche. Just drive down life expectancy below the eligibility age. Problem solved!

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increase the age we collect and then create such difficult healthcare and work situations that we all just die - but pay extra first!

Yeah team.

The AARP must think the youth of this country will never get sick of supporting the generation on SS even without a hope of benefitting.

Meanwhile, the government (R or D, what's the diff?!) is hoping the elders (AARP) will help implement the new limits for the future generation so that the younger voters will help the government scrap the whole thing. AARP is crazy if they don't mobilize their very active voters to protest any change to SS at all.