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Abby Martin Reports on Hillary's Corporate Lobbyist-Suitors, Bundlers, and Super-Delegates

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See Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

I don't think there's any transcript, much less transcript with references. That's a shame; maybe somebody can get in touch with Martin and ask her to produce same.

I won't make any comment except to say that, while I believe Clinton is a war criminal who should be rendered to the Hague, this commentary isn't completely fair.

Well, I'll mention one other point - how is it that Bernie Sanders lost NY to somebody like Hillary Clinton? It's a fair guess that most New Yorkers have little awareness of how big Clinton's "rap sheet" is. The media is a given - it's in the tank for the corporatocracy. Also, while Bernie has been tougher on Clinton, lately, he's still not communicating just how bad a character Clinton is.

That leaves Bernie's considerable 'fan base' IMO, they should be prodded to educate the public far more deeply on Clinton's corruption than they have, to date.

To Bernie fans: Educate Americans re Clinton, now, or forever hold your peace.

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Well, Noam Chomsky has said something like "Every US President, back to Harry Truman, could be considered a war criminal". Their Secretary of States, I suppose, would have to be considered guilty accomplices.

So,maybe it'd be more relevant to say that she pushed for the Libya disaster after the Iraq disaster; and didn't learn anything from Libya, either, instead working to destabilize Syria, also. She is, thus, a particularly psychopathic and/or stupid war criminal.

Do you agree that Sanders fans should go after Clinton's dark side, much more than Sanders ever will?

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I would be interested in just what you found to be "unfair" in Martin's reporting.
I thought she hit all the relevant points re: Clinton.

That said; what this election cycle illustrates far better than the past cycles, is just how rigged, corrupt, and bought the governing body of the U.S., and it's "representatives" (cough, retch, barf) are.
Voting is indeed, for suckers.
The only question remaining is; what will U.S. citizens do about it?