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A truth and reconciliation commission might help...

dday at Digby's has Ashcroft getting nailed by students on torture and the Geneva convention. Go read.

What really makes me think an October surprise or an election cancellation is more likely than not is that these people know they are guilty of war crimes, of all kinds of crimes, and will do anything to avoid being held accountable.

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Now why would you think there'll be an October surprise?

"You will explode!"
-- Anonymous Iranian Boat Man

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This just in...

White House trying to promote Petraeus to the head of centcom.

They're getting their 'Yes Man' in place for an escalation of activity in the region?

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Before Bush leaves office he'll pardon everyone, and cite Ford/Nixon as the precedent. It'll be for the good of the country, put aside past differences, give the new administration a clean slate to work with, good patriotic American citizens shouldn't have to suffer for doing what was needed to keep America safe, blah blah blah CYA. The only one he can't legally pardon is him self, but he doesn't see why any of the rules should apply to him so he may just declare that as well. SCOTUS will cover for them.

Even pardons shouldn't stop a determined investigation, once pardoned the witnesses can't legitimately claim the 5th so they have to testify and tell the whole truth and they don't want to do that either. Expect a few lower level people to get grilled and embarrassed and everyone up top will walk. For the Good Of The Country.

You can have your Reconciliation, as long as you don't insist on also getting the Truth.

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More likely, a reward for being a good Bushie and catapulting the propaganda. He needs to get out of being in charge of Iraq, because things are getting seriously worse seriously fast and he wouldn't want to get any on him. Neatness counts, you know.

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There might be one to help throw the election to Republicans, but I don't think they've managed to corrupt the entire system enough to call off elections.

Not to mention that these folks have gotten away with it for almost eight years, they don't expect anything to happen to them. The sad thing is neither do I.

Besides they can protect themselves from the Government with pardons, it's protecting themselves from all those pesky civil suits that's going to be the real problem.