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A Thank You to Lambert and Corrente

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Thank you for being here, for exposing all of the Obamacare clusterfucks, the need for Medicare for All, and for bringing the anger and populism to MMT while fighting the deficit terrorists in the Obama administration. I have also tried to bring the anger and populism to MMT along with advocating for MMT policies and accepting nothing less. We need to get angrier and out of our little academic corner to combat Obama’s neoliberalism and his sycophants. They vomit his deficit terrorist police state apologist BS up onto the veal pen pseudo “progressive” blogosphere daily, and then we are all stuck with the smell.

You know this well from reading my writing at Daily Kos, where I have established a decent following as well as a decent number of haters, which comes with the territory. My blog home is at Voices on the Square which has been around for about a year now and it will take more time for it to catch fire, but it’s a good blog. Since I am finally registered here at Corrente after all this time, I feel guilty for not participating as much as I should here and elsewhere. I remember I first wanted to post here after I got a response from Bruce A. Dixon of Black Agenda Report in one of my health care diaries back when Open Left was still around.

He mentioned I should check this place out, and so I did. That was truly an honor as well as a ringing endorsement for this site. Now that I am registered here, it sucks that I can’t spend as much time on the Internet as I have over the past few years because of personal issues. I apologize for the length of this piece, but I feel the need to write this to explain my situation and as sort of an introduction to everyone here not familiar with me or my work. And in the process, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself; you see, unlike the great work of people like letsgetitdone and others who write at NEP, I am not an academic.

I went to art school and had dreams of being an animator when I graduated in 2006. You might have seen some of my work; before the Obama DHS and FBI helped crush Occupy, I was generally inspired again and illustrated a number of pieces for Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous. For instance, this piece was chosen for a cover of a book about Occupy Wall Street.

Unfortunately, my artwork hasn’t exactly been financially lucrative. This is in contrast with what they tell young artists full of hope when their talent is recognized. They say, “You’re going to be a rich and famous artist someday.” Needless to say, real life doesn’t always work out that way. I don’t know how much of it involves my terrible social skills and being an introvert since I was a little kid or if it’s the overall effect of the Rubinite job market after the housing bust. Regardless, it all came crashing down in 2008, and my career never started besides a few freelance projects here and there.

Things just haven’t worked out for me, financially. So I studied MMT and other things in my down time as well as getting involved, caring, and paying close attention to what went on around me from 2007 on. That is, instead of staying in my own little world as I always have before then. I knew nothing about economics or why the crash happened, but I found it fascinating so I became obsessed with it. So I started reading William K. Black, James K. Galbraith(whom is responsible for my MMT conversion after I read the Predator State) and Dean Baker to get a sense of what and why all the so called experts got it wrong.

From then on, I expanded my reading to Yves Smith, L. Randall Wray, Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell, Stephanie Kelton, and others to get a clear picture of what happened. So though I am still a novice, I basically know what happened and have a sense of how our fiscal and monetary system functions together. I know about control fraud. I know Obama sold us out and now know that was probably his plan all along.

He hired the same Rubinites who caused the crash into his cabinet (after saying we can’t have the same people the Clintons hired) thus created the new Goldman Sachs Treasury. I never trusted him, but I gave him some leeway in the general election (I was an Edwards supporter as he had some of the right messages about confronting power despite what happened) and that was a mistake. So here we are. We see there is not a lot of difference between the George W. Bush sycophants in 2004 and the Obama sycophants now.

The Obama sycophants have really tarnished my view of humanity. That doesn’t help my motivation as I see the seconds of my life ticking away as I rattle their cages at the Great Orange Satan wasting these moments of my life arguing with them. Not that they really have arguments, because they don’t, just OFA talking points and propaganda. It’s a dilemma because one has to fight for the right ideas in the public sphere to try to have the most influence, even though most of the partisan warriors in that sphere suck.

Yet one also wonders if it is really worth the time sucked away fighting in that arena; one that is rigged against the truly principled and truly informed. I have never met a larger more unprincipled group of nitwits all willing to go all Joe McCarthy against anyone who speaks ill of their leader even if that said leader goes beyond George Bush’s national security state and his global war on terror (criticizing this is called “racism”). These neoliberal and neoconservative policies are acceptable to them now, which would make us have to stand in awe of how principled the Republican soccer Moms of 2004 are in comparison. You know the score. So after spending a couple more years wading around in the big dirty orange pool full of Obot fools, I have come to a crossroads.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people on Daily Kos, which I would say make up about less than half, but we are outnumbered. Moderation has now unequivocally skewed towards the idiot half. I have made some headway there in the past few years putting MMT related diaries on the rec list, but there is now a downward spiral. The Obama fanboys and fangirls are allowed to troll with impunity while citing nothing. Citations to back up one’s thesis or antithesis are a standard practice on serious blogs who want real synthesis like this one (they say they prefer citations on kos, yet they coddle those who never cite anything because they secretly prefer the larger unthinking Obama cult to run the site. The establishment likes this, and Daily Kos wants to keep establishment ties), which makes any genuine effort to put forth a message or educate the public about MMT and how we are being terrorized by the deficit terrorist in chief and his lackeys in Congress that much harder.

Therefore, I just have to figure out if what I am doing is really worth it, and as of now, I don’t think it really is on a personal level. Sadly that goes to blogging in general. I was ultimately happier before I became so obsessed with it, and things are not looking up for me personally because of all the time minus the money, so that is the real reason. These problems partly come from being a boomerang kid in his 30s forced to live at home in this shitty economy. That being said, I know I am not alone. However, that doesn’t mean my father is happy about it, which is an understatement. He is set in his ways with regard to me pulling myself up by my boot straps, and he is unreachable. I have failed him and I have failed myself, in his eyes, so I have to deal with that. I can’t spend much time writing diaries online because of this conflict. On top of that, I guess I am also sort of having a mid life crisis.

This piece sounds heavily narcissistic and I don’t mean for it to, but because I have the honor of being approved to post at Corrente, I feel the need to share why I have not been participating as much as I should, and in all venues, not just this one. I won’t leave blogging completely, but real life has collided with my inspiration to write, and it has hampered the process a lot, lately. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can escape anymore. So though I will be around, it won’t be as much as I have been before when it comes to blogging in general.

I’ll probably comment more than write diaries for these reasons, but only these reasons. After all, this place, along with Naked Capitalism, and New Economic Perspectives are all in the echelon of blogs and do inspire me a lot. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading everyone who posts here, especially when Lambert righteously lays something out there and it’s exactly what I am thinking in my head. So to all who post here, keep up the good work.

I will hopefully be in a better place where I can participate more, sooner rather than later. Thank you, once again, for accepting priceman at Corrente. I will be around from time to time; hopefully more often in the future.

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Submitted by lambert on

Why don't you post some more cartoons? (But I like funny.... I'm pissed off enough already...)

* * *

Priceman alludes several times to the honor of being accepted here... And is true that Correntians are a tough and experienced bunch -- grizzled veterans, as it were. That said, I may have given priceman a mistaken view of our exclusivity ("If you have no place to go, come here" really is true) by .... welll... totally fucking up his account approval and taking forever to do it. Oops....

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Submitted by priceman on

It's just been a long journey for me, and no worries! Shit happens. I'm just happy to be here when I can when life is not stepping on me, and I will be. I will remind everyone that Corrente is open to all, because I know it is.

I unfortunately will have to stick to some more Occupy political artwork so as to not reveal my identity, but I'll send you a link to my other work if you like in a PM or email. However! I can post this. IT's not mine, but it is funny and quite accurate.

Anyway, it is good to hear from you and to be here in any capacity, when I can, so I will post some more relevant priceman pieces. The Nobel Prize cries for assassinated American citizens and innocent civilians. Our President has blood on his hands and face.

And when Obama's DHS and FBI coordinated the crackdown of Occupy, but they can't evict an idea whose time has come.

Submitted by lambert on

... is 560, but I cut back in comments because of the indentation.

I'd have gone in an tweaked the width, but I'm consumed with painting (hence caulk thread).

Submitted by hipparchia on

welcome to the gulag! and thank you for letting us know you've been reading. it's always nice to have an appreciative audience.

(criticizing this is called “racism”)

to be fair, there are a lot of stone racists out there criticizing obama just for being president while black, and many of them are happy to co-opt the words of any legitimate leftist criticism when it's convenient, in order to further their own hate-filled agenda (ron paul comes to mind).

However, that doesn’t mean my father is happy about it, which is an understatement. He is set in his ways with regard to me pulling myself up by my boot straps, and he is unreachable. I have failed him and I have failed myself, in his eyes, so I have to deal with that.

yep, this is tough. hang in there. and it could take an interminably long time, but ultimately he may not be as unreachable as you think. also, he may feel like he's failed you too, but parents are stubborn about admitting this, even to themselves.

meanwhile, i'm a fan of public support for artists. obama isn't going to do it, but maybe you and some of your fellows can agitate locally (your state? your county? your city, if it's large enough or rich enough?) for a smaller-scale wpa:

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Submitted by priceman on

Indeed, this place is always worth checking out.

I know. There is real racism out there directed towards the President and racists do sometimes coopt the words of legitimate criticism from the left, but you have to understand that I rummage through the big orange pond and there is a serious effort to paint all legitimate criticism of Obama as racist. All of it and all Obama critics as racists. All of them. They have nothing left at this point. I know this from butting heads with the die hard Obama supporters for years. That's why I said that. The President doesn't get mad at real racism directed towards him(Only Jimmy Carter called that out), but it does bother him when the left criticizes him.

For instance, Obots say Bradley Manning doesn't matter while using the truth about our racist Justice system and African American being tortured in prison, which is real, but doesn't make what happened to Bradley Manning justified because Obama is overseeing it. And as I showed them, they can't pretend to care about those issues when they support Obama.

Yeah, it's tough. My father is pretty set in his ways. I just have to keep working on stuff in order to hopefully achieve something that will help me have a future. I won't give up like my father has on me, and it can be daunting.

That's awesome. I kind of dream of a modern WPA for artists, and maybe more likely on the local level(since the Obama administration said they don't have the stomach for it), though I live in TX, but still; it's something to look into and I will look into it.

Thanks again, hipparchia.

Submitted by hipparchia on

but you have to understand that I rummage through the big orange pond and there is a serious effort to paint all legitimate criticism of Obama as racist.

:) a pox on the donut-tossers, I say!

I don't know where in texas you are, or what your mobility is, but some of the struggling new artists here in almost-alabama report having some small success taking their work to new Orleans and to Denver.

I come from a long line of cartoonists (some political, some not), so I like your work as it is, but your style would lend itself to graphic novels (and biographies and history books, and heck why not math books?) and some teachers at least are enthusiastic about teaching them:

just what you wanted, more advice from another old fogey! ;)

good luck with everything, and I look forward to your posting here whenever you can.

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Submitted by priceman on

Indeed, it is a toxic orange stew.

Ahh, interesting. I have thought about giving it a go with my down time from blogging heavily. The Guy who created an draws Strangers in Paradise is from my city, via Houston. For me, just making enough money to survive off of it would be a dream, but it's hard not to get bogged down by criticism, such as I talked about. I'm glad you like my style. thank you. I do love graphic novels and appreciate cartoonists of all stripes, though there are way too many political cartoonists these days in the traditional one image one quip format(as opposed to the ones who stand out like Tom Tomorrow and are animators like Mark Fiore).

That is cool to meet another cartoonist such as yourself. I appreciate all advice and you taking the time to give it. I appreciate the link, too. I have Scott McCloud's whole catalog. It is brilliant as is understanding Comics.

It is nice to meet you, hipparchia. I wish you luck in your work as well.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

You know you're one of my favorite people and that I appreciate tremendously your contributions to MMT and to real democracy at Kos. Sorry to hear about your financial troubles. Your artwork is great and I hope we can help you find a market for it. In addition, your writing is very good too and one day you ought to be able to get some compensation for that.

Btw, just to set the record straight. I've been an academic in the past, but, haven't taught in University settings since 1975 or so. I'm doing political writing now, and trying hard to express things more straightforwardly and comprehensively. You know I blog here too, not only at NEP, Kos, and FDL. So, I'm very gald to see you here too.

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Submitted by priceman on

Yeah, these times are not great for me, but I will try not to let it get me down too much. Thank you for the compliments on my artwork as well as my writing. They mean a lot coming from you, because your work is truly inspiring to me, my friend.

Ah, I see. You haven't taught in a University since before I was born. I was just stating that to state my background in comparison as a matter of fact. You have no worries there; you do speak straight forward and comprehensively and rather well. It's great to see you here and to get this response from you, my friend. I appreciate your encouragement. I will figure things out in this downtime. Hopefully things will begin to look up soon.

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Submitted by priceman on

I'll use this time to try to figure out the next step; hopefully one with a future. I appreciate everything you have said and done for me at NN12. We will definitively have to both hang with Lambert someday. :-)

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I for one found your political artworks arrestingly beautiful and satisfying in very personal way because I have a very visual imagination but none of the skills to create images capturing the Way Things Are. Also you are so very eloquent in your writing.

I came into the Great Awakening community not too long ago, so I skipped/missed Kos ... I'm so happy you're here!

Huge welcome!

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Submitted by priceman on

I appreciate those compliments of my writing and artwork. It's great to be here.

Submitted by lambert on

... because there are things I want to respond to in it, but I am painting and a little bit behind the eight ball....

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Submitted by jo6pac on

I only stop kos to see if they have changed their ways, oh right. It sometimes can good for a laugh and head slap. I hope you get time to stop by now and then and at lest leave us a cartoon fun or serious. I would say most of us are mad already but good art work makes up for the feeling.

On another note yrs ago my late father had a conversation with me about why my small business struggled even with all the work I had. This is back in the days there was work, I was lucky because after a few conversation and him taking the time to look into matters he agreed with me that small business had a much tough time today than they did when he had one. My advantage was both parents took the time to listen and look into matters. I hope your Dad does that some time in the future because there just isn't any jobs out there.

Good Luck to you and on all of us on Main Street in Amerika.

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Submitted by priceman on

It started getting out of hand when the moderators jumped in and chastised me for calling trolls trolls. Then a bunch of people would point out inconsistencies and the the so called moderator would run away and not answer anything while claiming she wasn't a moderator. It's a BS game and exercise posting there now. It's more useful to just laugh at like you do these days.

Thanks, we will see what happens. Hopefully I will be able to do that from time to time. Thank you for the compliment on my artistic merit.

Yeah, barriers to entry and economies of scale always take their toll on small businesses, but especially when there is insufficient demand and consumers are in private debt via debt deflation. I'm glad your father understands this as mine doesn't. He thinks that since he started a legal firm in the seventies while working part time, that it means "I can do it too I'm just lazy!" My father is one of those "Can't be wrongs!" A libertarian pull yourself up by your bootstraps unable to see the world as it is for my generation.

You're right. I guess he puts up with me enough in my miniature neo-feudalistic situation where I earn my keep for rent and board, but I don't know if he will ever understand.

I'm glad you do. Thank you, jo6pac.

Rainbow Girl's picture
Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

"He thinks that since he started a legal firm in the seventies while working part time, ..." I empathize a lot.

Note to file, however. 90% of the (mostly) men who became partners at the "white shoe" (and "lesser") law firms at or before (roughly 1985) would never have cut it in the post-1985 increasingly credentialist and economies of scale (cough) that define the legal market.

It seems as though you already know that your Dad is trapped in a bubble and that his words do not make sense -- even though they can still hurt like hell. I know because I have a parent like yours (except she's an Obama Fanatic despite being highly intelligent and educated).

I don't think any of our parents are able (or willing) to wrap their heads around our predicament (across a few generations, now). That is why these little tribes like Corrente matter so much!

Welcome, again!

priceman's picture
Submitted by priceman on

Some of his younger former partners have tried to explain this to him as well, but there's too much ego for it to get through to him, because he is trapped in his own bubble of it being all about his hard work.

Yeah, sadly the words always get to you even if they are not true, coming from an parent. I'm sorry you have parent like that as well who can't wrap their heads around what our generation is going through.

That is why these little tribes like Corrente matter so much!
Welcome, again!

Indeed! Thanks again, Rainbow Girl.

Submitted by lambert on

1. It's a shame about GoS because it's so massive and there are still, as it were, pockets of resistance. But I understand that at some point it's not worth fighting -- the opportunity cost of putting energy into fights with trolls backed by moderators is probably pretty high; one has better things to do.

2. On the racism... Racism is real, even if race isn't -- a consequence of/justification for the horrible and still ever present orginal sin of the Republic: Slavery.* Making using racism "Any stick to beat a dog"-style all the more loathesome.

3. On family issues: The serenity prayer has one sensible implication in that "change the things I can" very very rarely applies to others. Changing one's own attitudes is hard enough. (I'm of the school that the nuclear family isn't the be-all and end-all of organizing related people, and there's a lot to be said for extended families under one roof or at least in an explicit, culturally valued and understood network -- but the 30,000-foot view doesn't make life on the ground or at the breakfast table any easier.) I also feel that although we know there are many in this situation, we know very little about them -- or I'm not reading the right sources. In what I do read, the discussion is about "Millenials," and I don't accept generational analysis as anything other at best a marketing tactic and at worst a device of strategic hate management. After all, the "Millenial" kids of the 1% are doing fine, just fine; so could there be a reason for that? In any case, my answer to everything is post on it; there's no reason why "Common Household Remedies Request" has to apply to home repair, after all.

5. On your art, I would say have at it, and please post more of it here, since as you can see, readers enjoy it. As you may or may not know, all accounts have posting privileges, everything is front-paged, and there's no "thumbs down" mechanism, because I don't like the social dynamics that enables. Very different from Kos!

Basically, I feel it's always good to find and raise your voice, even if pragmatic outcomes are not there to see clearly; Corrente is hear to enable people to do that. (Caveats that the enlightenment values of evidence and reasoning are highly valued).

NOTE Southern slaves were shipped in Yankee bottoms. The Constitutional Convention did a lot of sausage making to make that happen; see Dark Bargain.

priceman's picture
Submitted by priceman on

1. It is a shame for those reasons. So much potential now wasted. As one poster I like over there put it to Markos who recently said that he didn't care about what Snowden and Greenwald revealed and anyone worried about it was just expressing their white privilege, "Oh so you don't care about the 4th amendment? Good to know. Crashing the Gates my ass." It is a WOT now sadly even though I have made waves there.

2. Absolutely racism is real. It pervades all institutions from the original sin of the Republic, specifically the Prison Industrial Complex which is as Michelle Alexander laid out in her book, the new Jim Crow. The problem, as you said, is using real racism in the any stick to beat a dog" style. This is a pandemic at kos and the veal pen blogosphere. There's a reason they hate me on the GOS; I look into these issues with data while showing the perpetual institutional racism perpetuated by the Obama administration and the private prison drug warrior lobbyists he has hired in his DOJ among other things.

The Obots try and use these real problems being exacerbated by our drug warrior President to down play what happened to Bradley Manning and others. But in one of my rec listed pieces I am proud of, they couldn't get away with it, because I showed the institutional racism they supported by excusing everything the Obama administration does: Don't Pretend You Care About These Issues When Defending the President It is despicable what they are doing when there really is so much real racial injustice out there, when it comes to Giethner's racist "foam the runway for the banks" housing policies -- BS HAMP and HARP instead of straight up write downs -- as well since we know black and latino communities lost the most wealth.

3. There are some things to be said for some of that prayer, but you're right; change the things I can" very very rarely applies to others, indeed. My attitude is my Achilles heel though I'm working on it. I have to exercise as much as I can muster just to keep it in check, because I am pretty down on myself when I live with others who are down on me; they think they can hide the subtlety, but it's transparent and it stings all the same. I think I am moving towards dealing with it, and with that move, I am managing my time which is partly what this piece is about. My nuclear family ended when I was 5 with a nasty divorce and custody battle with psychological wounds held by all to this day. Especially for my father who considers himself the main victim of me and my siblings and my mother. To top things off I live with a stepmother who was involved in all of that(she thinks we don't know) and is overly critical of me as well.

I live there because of financial reasons as i stated, but also to keep the burden off of my less well off mother. In some ways I am lucky, for my father is upper middle class and I benefit from that in some ways(not as much as one would think though as he doesn't think 'a failure' deserves much and neither does my stepmom), compared to other people in dire straights, but being treated like a failure all the time is mainly a psychological wound piled onto many others from the past; that ha real world implications regardless of who you are after awhile. Being the boomerang kid trapped with someone who won't let any of it go, puts me in a different kind of psychological prison which is also a financial prison, because there is no financial escape from it; that is the only way.

Yeah, it is more about the times we live in via the neoliberal era of capitalism than any generational thing with regard to Gen Y(I'm on the cusp between X and Y) because the 1% Millennials are doing fine for themselves. Mainly I would just say boomerang kids such as I in the age group to the link I provided are an economic problem(not being able to start our lives) that has sprung up from this service dustblowl austerity hellhole we are living in rather than a generational thing. So that is what I was saying with that.

Where's number 4? J/K

5. Well thank you. I will, even if it's just stuff you haven't seen yet.

It can be hard to get motivated and in the right state of mind, but when it strikes and I have something to offer, I will. I am trying to work on creating some graphic novels but am behind. Given everything that has gone on since then it seems so trivial, I need to finish one i am working on about the Democratic primaries in 2007 and 2008(I have enjoyed your flashbacks on them here) since they are an important part of many people I met and how I got involved politically an started blogging about politics even if a bit superficial now.

I can add some insight through hindsight, as I have, and work on it for my first finished project for publication. I am going to try to do more stuff like that while maybe doing some side projects here and there to share here and elsewhere. I understand this well now(Good to know you don't mind if things are FPed) as Corrente is better than kos that way, among others. I do like the dynamics here. It make take me awhile to be in a place where I will be able to share things, but I will do it when I can. Thanks for the talk, man.

Great piece.

Alexa's picture
Submitted by Alexa on

and join you in thanking Lambert for Corrente.

It is great that you've "joined," and I look forward to reading you.

I wish you the best with your Dad. Hope that you will keep the channels of communication with him open. I know from DKos how super articulate you are, and obviously attorneys are, so maybe there is still hope for the two of you to work things out. Try to keep the faith.

Have enjoyed your "austerity" diaries immensely, and have cheered you on, on more than one occasion. And your replies to me have always been informative, and very gracious.

[I have the rather dubious distinction of having had both a "real life" and a "cyber" stalker, so I don't have the same username at any two blogs--which is why I don't mention my username. There's a new Alexa running around lately, so I may have to alter my username here, somewhat.]

I, too, must take a bit of a "sabbatical" from heavy blogging (hope to throw up a couple of "Tweets" or a comment every now and then), so I definitely understand where you're coming from.

It's VERY helpful to bloggers like myself to see others who are also willing to "mix it up" over there, LOL! It's not always easy. But it can be gratifying to "not be" in an echo chamber environment. Actually there are pockets of very left thought (and bloggers) in the blogosphere, if you look "real" hard.

The Big Kahuna challenged me a while back. I furnished him several excerpts and links, and that was the end of that.

I've been fortunate to not get any HR's since I "resumed" blogging there, even though I often post opinions in opposition to many of the staff writers. I'm careful to post excerpts and links. So, I was a bit surprised when Kos "got excited" over a statement about the 2010 midterms. My blogging time is very constricted now, but I'm hopeful that this situation will change before the midterm elections.

Sadly, many so-called "progressive" bloggers are actually centrist, corporatists--and don't even know it, LOL!

That's pretty slick messaging by the Dem Party, if you ask me. ;-)

I wish you the best. Didn't realize you are an artist. Excellent work--surely with your talent, things will turn around for you soon.

That reminds me--you mentioned a "moderator" at DKos. I didn't know they had one. But just this morning I saw a diary about an "automatic HR" system.


Do you know anything about that system? Or, is that exactly what it is that you're concerned about, now?

Anyway, best of luck!

priceman's picture
Submitted by priceman on

I appreciate that.

Thank you. I don't like that I have to deal with him at this embarrassing age, but it is what ti is as are these times which are bad. I will try to deal with my situation and keep things calm with him as best I can. Thank you for your kind words and understanding my predicament.

Oh wow. Thank you for your support. It's always nice to know my writing has had an impact with some. I'm sure you are probably in that group of my favorite commentators on kos.

[That's terrible. I won't make you divulge your screen name. I try to be careful there too, though I just make sure as little can be connected to my username in real life as possible which is why my political pieces are signed priceman as well. I understand whatever precautions you take as they are justified. That pisses me off that this happens to you and other people. I've heard of cult like Obot groups of posters who band together, cyber stalk, and some that even really stalk people. It's creepy shit. No worries. I will have to just wonder who you are.]

Ahh, so you understand exactly what I am going through. It's like an addiction I have to get under control, though the thrill just isn't what it was either so it's about that time. Like you, I'll throw a comment and a tweet here and there, but that's it until I get my life on a better trajectory.

Ahh, yeah. If only I were paid to blog then I would mix it up all day> sadly I think some of the OFA trolls as well as the FIRE sector trolls i deal with are paid to do so. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it. I trust bobswern there.

I'm glad it was helpful for you over the past few years. dare i say, I got quite good at it(so much so that Obot echo chambers would dedicate posts to how much they hate me), but I realized that though I won a lot of those exchanges, in the end, I'm not really winning anything; that is the problem. Life needs a win more than cyber life, in all things. There are, indeed, pockets of very left thought (and bloggers) in the blogosphere though they all seem to be lonely echo chambers that don't reach the asses like the brands so it can be frustrating regardless added to everything else I said.

Ahh, the Big Kahuna? The orange one? I'm sure you met the challenge and beyond. He doesn't respond well when really called out on his BS. It's becoming more transparent everyday what he is all about.

I have been semi chastised by a number of FP over "my tone" in PMs as if "if only I wasn't so blunt about issues that should arouse everyone's passions but don't, I would be more effective." Of course I have was cited by Mike Norman economics blog and others right after that happened with the same kind of "meanie" style. basically if the austerity/neoliberal BS doesn't piss one off on a visceral level, then one isn't studying it enough and the impact and human damage.

So when or if I come back, I am not changing a thing. It's what got me a following in the first place so I give no quarter. Truly they are either in outright orange OFA sellout mode or in denial over there so as the days have past I have found it harder to care (that is, besides you and the outnumbered principled group that supported my work).

I have been HRed but not piled on. I guess I have learned to not tell people to go fuck themselves, but instead explain to them, with facts, that it is probably a good idea if they want to take a position that hurts society, and they do. Besides, it just takes a bar away or two, and they can come back fairly easy, but I do applaud you. I don't get HR a lot; it's just happened before form time to time as well.

Good for you for going against the FP. I find that Joan McCarter does write some great pieces and is great, but something happens during election time, and she goes all in and her work suffers. I think kos is a bad influence on her. So he is excited about something he found out about the 2010 mid terms and thinks something significant is going to happen in 2014? Not surprising and most likely something pretty insignificant; or it could be pathetic like Chris Bowers celebrating his failure on failed filibuster reform.

I find the best most truthful pieces are the comics on the front page, mostly. They put the bots in a fit to where they whine and demand the comics be banned. It's pretty funny.

On your moderator question, let's say it's an orange elf who pretends she is not a moderator when called out on her BS, which I have done numerous times now, she doesn't answer anything, and claims her arbitrary decisions to step in and ignore what happens in threads when trolls act like trolls and only chastise those that call it out, are not really moderator moves because she's not really a moderator. There is some magical moderation system in the works, so they say, but until then she is the moderator superhero for the Daily Kos right from her batcave where she is Barbara Gordon and only "working on the site." For more on that, you can read here.

It just might be BS. It is. Her actions show the site to be exactly how I described it. There is no system, except the one daily kos helps prop up for those establishment ties. Anyway, more reason why I felt the need to take my leave.

Thank you for the compliments on my artwork and everything else, Alexa. Best of luck to you as well.