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A tear in the TTIP disinformation matrix? What should we make of the EU ISDS/Cecilia Malmström affair?

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What do people think about this interesting developing story about the flip flops on TTIP (TISA?) ISDS taken by incoming European Commission-designate Cecilia Malmström?

Anyway, I think the developing Malmström story bears watching.

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The first post suggests that Malmstrom is a sacrificial anode who will say what she needs to, then do her bidding behind closed doors. Squishy answers in hearings always indicate a move to poor policies with widespread unpopularity.

The second post suggests that the Europeans are going into negotiations with a self-defeating timidity, especially as regards financial services. They're transmitting a sense of hesitancy about the prospects of the EU experiment. Maybe they're diplomatically enthralled to the U.S. because the Fed's bailout program extended to European financial institutions. It suggests that in the counterparty risk poker game, the US and its institutions hold the better cards. Indicates awareness of much political, social, and economic instability throughout the EU. Bewildering when you consider they're allowing the Pentagon to conduct their foreign relations between them and the supplier of a crucial energy supply, Russia.

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Yes, the flaws in building your monetary system broken, without a fiscal authority that can create money through the Euro central bank to spend it in the face of a serious financial or recessionary crisis ... it not only affects your own economic stability, but it puts you in thrall to those who who have their monetary system broken by choice rather than by design, and who are perfectly ready, able and willing to spend money into existence in order to protect the wealth of the 0.1%.