If you have "no place to go," come here!

A suffering blogger needs your help

OK, it's...

... Booman.

But that doesn't mean I want him to suffer, and it sounds like he's suffering reverses. So, since blogging really is incredibly hard work, and longevity should be its own reward, do consider stumping up.

There but for the grace of The God(ess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice Go I.

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

You can't fool me. I know our wonderful president--who has accomplished more liberal goals than any other--has solved all our economic and employment problems. So Booman can't possibly need any monetary help to keep his blog going. Nice try!

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Submitted by Jay on

Times is tough all over Lambert. Booman wouldn't have problems if there were a lefty version of rightwingnut welfare. And he's been doing Yeoman's work for the administration. If only there were someone in a position to help people like him. If only . . .

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

Well, I was all set to send a donation Booman's way, but in his latest post he says the fight against Larry Summers was just a aymbolic fight, and he does not like symbolic gestures. And I can't solve Booman's problems on my own, so any help I gave would just be a symbolic show of support. So that's that.

Submitted by lambert on

... which, pragmatically, often pays off in unexpected ways.

Don't we know the pattern of being kicked in the ribs when we're down well enough?

Submitted by lambert on

... I have been in Booman's position often enough never to wish it on anyone.

Therefore, I'd say if you don't want to help -- totally fine -- at least do not discourage others from doing so.

Because back when I was just hated (probably still am, but the haters got tired and went away) I'd have a fundraiser so I could, say, fix the main waste pipe of the house when it broke in the winter. And people would say, "Don't give money to lambert, he's an asshole," So don't be like them. That is not prefigurative politics,

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

On a serious note, I know all about what it's like to be lying on the ground and need help. With all the time I spend caring for my parents, I'll spend even more if Booman's favorite president has his way and cuts Social Security and Medicare. I might not be unemployed if people like Booman would pressure Obama into a real jobs program, instead of praising every crumb he knocks from the table like it's the second coming. I might not have a messed-up foot if I had health care instead of whatever Obamacare turns out to be.

If someone wants to donate to a blogger, give to EmptyWheel. She deserves it. Booman doesn't.

Submitted by lambert on

Your intent is to reward Marcy Wheeler for performance (and I agree that her performance is brilliant).

However, alleviating suffering is a different intent.

These are not mutually incompatible motivations!

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

Your'e a better man than I, no doubt about it.

I'm not saying "don't give to Booman because I don't like him." I'm saying "people like Booman made their bed, now they can lie in it instead of asking for a mattress from me."

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Submitted by okanogen on

And then there is suffering. Which is not to compare. It sucks.

I feel badly for Booman, truthfully, and I know it would earn me huge karma points to donate to his cause and help him get a new laptop or new iPhone for Booman girlfriend, but then my resources aren't limitless, and Arthur is actually trying not to die and put food on the table and has the IRS taking what few funds he is able to put together. So I think I would give to Arthur first, especially right now in a hopefully not brief window while his Paypal donations are not being stolen by the IRS. I will say it is coming from Booman, because I am sure that, if he could, he would send Arthur some scratch.

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Submitted by sj on

But when it comes to deciding where my pennies go, I'm selective. Yes, that's a version of "don't give to lambert because he's an asshole", except that I have given to lambert. And I will again, when I can. Even though he's an asshole.

You know, reading the comments of what appear to be his regulars, there is a lot of suffering there. And they still don't seem to have recognized the cognitive dissonance between experiencing long time suffering and cheering the Best President, Evah!

Too much suffering going around. That's all I can say.