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A spirited defense of Cuomo

“Who the hell are you to question my man?”

In the past, we placed greater emphasis on the stylistic. We thought then that conducting one’s self with equanimity and honor was all that mattered. We believed that doing so contributed to one’s success in office.

As we’ve gotten older, however, we’ve come to believe that strength is key. In our state government, nothing happens except as a result of real strength. It requires pressure – more often than not very intense pressure to get things done. Results matter, not style points for being nicey nice.

As we watched Cuomo in action these last four years, we’ve come to appreciate his off-putting ways. How can that be? Well, as it turned out, it was exactly what was needed.

One thinks here of LBJ. Then again, strength failed LBJ on Vietnam, if we believe the theory that the Harvard types deked him into it.