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A Sham Deficit Crisis & the 'Stupendously Stupid Sixty' Dems Back-Stabbing America's 99%


There are 60 House Democrats, Blue Dogs (like Obama) and supposed “progressives” alike, who are reaching out to the SUPERCOMMITTEE to continue on with the charade that the CRISIS IN AMERICA is THE DEFICIT and the SOLUTION is FURTHER ECONOMIC RAPING OF THE CITIZENRY, not providing jobs and HELP to struggling Americans who have been paying taxes for years and deserve the rewards of that, not the "freedom" to starve and be homeless and betrayed.

My supposedly moderately “lefty” NYC Dem Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney, is on the list and I will do all I can to get her out of office for her obtuseness and betrayal! That is a promise, Carolyn, you “knife in the backer”!

We need jobs. The crisis in America is unemployment not an economic deficit.

The challenge is unemployment for 99% of Americans. The challenge, on the other hand, for opportunistic pimped out politicians who not only enable the one percenters but ARE one percenters themselves is to keep their corporate pimps happy.

The politicians will put the pimps’ needs first, of course. But they have become quite adept at conning their real enemies (the enemies a/k/a victims of the corporate pimps), their constituents, that they are doing all they can to take care of said constituents in these dark times. The con game is "Look How Hard I Am Trying." It is bullshit.

There is a very profound collective heart of darkness within our political system.

The politicians, Dem and Republican, need to con (and can with the cognitive dissonant but relentless messaging of the craven corporate media) the 99 percenters that the problem is really the answer (continuing to rob from them) and the solution is really the problem (taking care of 99% of Americans -- like providing jobs and support programs).

The con is that they, the politicians, are actually listening to our cries of desperation -- which actually OWS is heeding, NOT the politicians! These politicians include and are surpassed by one of the greatest corporate puppets and con artists of all time, Barack Obama.

Watch how adeptly Obama does it and will do it more intensely. Proves that politicians can serve their corporate masters and induce Americans to enable their own escalating destruction.

Well, it has been working spectacularly well thus far. Poverty, unemployment, homelessness. The evil perpetrators, corporatists and their political minions, have farther to go. But OWS is finally giving them a run for their money. Correction, for OUR money taken by them and now in their greedy and grubby and evil hands. They are hungry for more.

$16 trillion of taxpayer money has gone to enable the rabid rat bastard fraudsters not only to stay afloat or to detach from their villainy in obscenely enormous golden parachutes or to continue to defraud, as well as give economic and political obscene kickbacks to the Gucci-wearing political direct sandbaggers and promoters of our profound national suffering.

$16 trillion. No wonder Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other government social and economic programs, including the wimpy skeletal remains of regulating committees, are in trouble of being eliminated or further insanely weakened or gutted.


Remember watching the victims of Katrina suffer and/or die on national television as so littler serious help reached them, as well as so little real political empathy? I'm not talking empty media posturing. How many of us knew that tragedy was also a metaphor for what was happening in America and would continue to happen to more and more of us across the country?

How nice that MSNBC has been so obsessed with the disgusting shenanigans of Herman Cain which deserve attention, of course to a degree, along with the attention paid to all the Republican lineup of political clowns. But come on, not 24/7 attention and to distract from actual US governmental crimes. Instead of speculating on what these maniacs might do at the helm, why not address the horrors actually being perpetrated at the helm by a Democrat named Obama and the other two profoundly betraying governmental branches?

Yes, let’s all celebrate that Obama is not a groper of women BUT NOT minimize that he is a war criminal and also super pimped out to the corporatists!!!! Now he is in a sweet position to extort lots of money from these corporatists, in fact, as they nervously wonder if he will be able to become president again. And if he will give even a little to the struggling 99 percenters. Trust me, he won't. But it is a useful threat for him and his amoral handlers like Axelrod. Oh maybe, once again, a VERY few media op social/job, whatever, program crumbs to Americans his die-hard apologists can point to. But he will use the threat that he just might do something responsible for the 99 percenters for his own careerism. You go, guy. You fill those profiteering election coffers. And then you will quid pro quo reward the corporate rat bastards once again in your second term. You are a gamesman. Never were or aspired to be a statesman.

Pretty soon we are gonna get the full monty -- once again! The avalanche of expensive advertising to seduce us that Obama is the answer when he has been, let’s face it, GWB BEHIND THE MASK. It was one thing to be conned in 2008 by a new amiable and promising media icon. With the evidence of betrayal for anyone with stomach to see it, it will be cruel to watch the con happen all over again. More victims, worse punishments, same old rotten political status quo with the same and new con artists.

This is what Jonathan Tasini has to say about the sixty Dems promoting the sham of a deficit crisis, whom he refers to as THE STUPENDOUSLY STUPID SIXTY (Hi, Carolyn!). Tasini, by the way, has written a book entitled: "It's Not Raining, We're Getting Peed On: the Scam of the Deficit Crisis."

I present to you a list of 60 House Democrats who now say they are willing to lock arms with the people who seek to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and a sane society--all in the name of embracing the phony deficit and debt "crisis". What the hell is happening here?

The Stupendously Stupid Sixty, who signed a letter, along with a band of Fanatically Foolish Forty Republicans, to the Catfood Commission II--also known as the "SuperCommittee"--have essentially said, "we're on board with cutting Medicare, funding for basic research, veterans benefits--as long as we also raise some taxes". I'll come to why this is a group of Stupendously Stupid Sixty people in a sec.

But, first, drumroll for the Stupendously Stupid Sixty:

Robert E. Andrews (N.J.)
John Barrow (Ga.)
Timothy Bishop (N.Y.)
Dan Boren (Okla.)
Leonard Boswell (Iowa)
Dennis Cardoza (Calif.)
John Carney (Del.)
Kathy Castor (Fla.)
Ben Chandler (Ky.)
Emanuel Cleaver II (Mo.)
Gerry Connolly (Va.)
Jim Cooper (Tenn.)
Jim Costa (Calif.)
Henry Cuellar (Texas)
Danny K. Davis (Ill.)
Peter DeFazio (Ore.)
Diana DeGette (Colo.)
Norm Dicks (Wash.)
Chaka Fattah (Pa.)
John Garamendi (Calif.)
Brian Higgins (N.Y.)
Jim Himes (Conn.)
Steny Hoyer (Md.)
Dale Kildee (Mich.)
Ron Kind (Wis.)
Rick Larsen (Wash.)
John Larson (Conn.)
Daniel Lipinski (Ill.)
David Loebsack (Iowa)
Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.)
Jim Matheson (Utah)
Mike McIntyre (N.C.)
Gregory Meeks (N.Y.)
James Moran (Va.)
William Owens (N.Y.)
Bill Pascrell (N.J.)
Ed Perlmutter (Colo.)
Gary Peters (Mich.)
Collin Peterson (Minn.)
Chellie Pingree (Maine)
Jared Polis (Colo.)
David Price (N.C.)
Mike Quigley (Ill.)
Nick Rahall (W.Va.)
Mike Ross (Ark.)
Steven Rothman (N.J.)
Dutch Ruppersberger (Md.)
Adam Schiff (Calif.)
Kurt Schrader (Ore.)
Allyson Schwartz (Pa.)
Terri Sewell (Ala.)
Heath Shuler (N.C.)
Adam Smith (Wash.)
Mike Thompson (Calif.)
Niki Tsongas (Mass.)
Peter Visclosky (Ind.)
Tim Walz (Minn.)
Mel Watt (N.C.)
Peter Welch (Vt.)
John Yarmuth (Ky.)

From the official megaphone of the party of the Very Serious People--the Washington Post--comes this:

The letter they sent represents a rare cross-party effort for the rancorous House, and its organizers said they hoped it would help nudge the 12-member panel to reach a deal that would far exceed the committee’s $1.5 trillion mandate.

The list is pretty much dominated by Blue Dog Democrats--but, without calling out people by name, you can see people who call themselves "liberals" or even "progressives".

They have lost their minds--and they should certainly lose any dime or dollar anyone was thinking of contributing to their campaigns.

So, let's understand this:

The Stupendously Stupid Sixty are accepting the immoral idea of "shared sacrifice": that the people who have been screwed by the financial crisis, and 30 years of wage obliteration, should shoulder a burden they had no hand in creating.

The Stupendously Stupid Sixty, I assume, think that they have done something ingenious--luring a handful of Republicans to intimate, without even promising, that they would accept some tax hike.

The Stupendously Stupid Sixty, by doing so, are, at best, engaging in classic Obama negotiating tactics: start negotiating from your own 20-yard-line and work backwards to your end zone. For the non-football fans, think, "oh, please, please, here take my house, my children, my watch, my left leg, now, it's your turn: what will you give me?"

Translation: our tax rates are horrendously low for the very wealthy and, as the Citizens for Tax Justice shows us today, scores of corporations do not pay any taxes, and we waste tens of billions of dollars on corporate welfare. So, why would any DEMOCRAT be part of a discussion that does not start: "here are the serious tax increases we will support because that's patriotic and American, now, you demonstrate whether there is any need to cut a single dime from social programs?"

Most important, the Stupendously Stupid Sixty are playing this game when there is no debt or deficit "crisis". None. Zero.

WELL SAID, JONATHAN!!!! Hope you run for a NY office again!

By the way, OWS is the enemy of over 99% of the politicians in America. We need to remember this as the media and political gamesmanship ramps up concerning OWS as well as concerning the betraying SUPERCOMMITTEE'S ECONOMIC TERRORISM. The economic terrorism of the Obama administration is as murderous as its military terrorism. Trust me. I am not being hyperbolic on either score.

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jest's picture
Submitted by jest on

Wow that's a disgrace, I thought he was a legit Dem.

No more.

Great post. 2 of my snake in the grass state dems (Hoyer & Ruppersberger) signed up for this mess. Typical.

nasrudin's picture
Submitted by nasrudin on

He's in synch with the D leadership, faithful servants of wealth -- like the vast majority of office-holding Dems, he's dedicated to protecting the system; what MLK, Jr called "the edifice that produces beggars."

Submitted by jawbone on

Same as in Greece. The banksters call the shots in Oligarchic Kleptocracies.

And we live in the USOC -- the United States of Oligarchic Kleptocrats.

It's not a new form of governance, but our banksters did point the way to coopting democratic representative republics.

Submitted by jawbone on

on Wisconsin Public Radio's Kathleen Dunn show this moring. It's avaialbe for listening at the link.

Far better than listening to NPR, as lambert so often points out.

Democrats are just as bought and captive by the banksters as the Repubs, but Green sees them as worse than the R's since the Dems continue to lie to the voters using their heritage and the party's history to do still do the Monied Class's bidding.

Very good hour of listening -- and the callers I heard were so grateful to hear his straight talk!

Even with the problems of trying to win political seats with a third party, he sees it as a possibility now. The other way to get the Dems more progressive is to take it over from the inside as the rightwingers have done with the Repub Party. However, he sees the power of money as almost too great to overcome.

The dream situation for actual representatives of the 99%, to use the current parlance, is actual and total public financing of elections.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Eager to hear him call out the Dems! Why won't more people get the sell out on BOTH sides???? Lesser to two evils crap still prevails. all over open salon i'm afraid!

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

I tried like Thom Hartmann told me to do back in 2004. Ha! Ha! The party machine is powerful and bullying. The Democratic Party is a rotting corpse. Time to move on.