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A Portrait of the Pundit as an Old Hack

Bien sur Dean Broder, who seems unable to connect the largest of dots, even when they're in his own column. Amid shopworn anecdotes of when Reagan's budget director, David Stockman, was Daniel Moynihan's baby sitter at Harvard, we get this:

Stockman devised the first Reagan budget, with its broad tax cuts and big boosts in military spending, and helped move it through Congress over the objections of skeptical Democrats. At the same time, he secretly began giving weekly interviews to Bill Greider, a Post editor ...

Stockman told Greider that the Reagan budget was built on false premises, that it employed a "magic asterisk" to conceal the size of its inevitable deficits and that the tax cuts he had championed were really designed to benefit the wealthy. The detailed accounting of the internal battles that produced a budget that would saddle the country with years of debt was a stunning indictment [only to the likes of Broder, of course] of the very administration in which Stockman was serving. Stockman issued a contrite apology and remained in office until 1985.

That was dot one. Now for dot two:

Now [Stockman is accused of breaking the rules again, not by fudging budget numbers or leaking copiously to a reporter but, allegedly, by concealing from investors and bankers the dire condition of a Michigan auto parts company he was running He has pleaded not guilty.

Mentioned entirely without comment. Broder just glides right over that to the Beltway's current resignation flap, Abu G:

In terms of biography, Gonzales is totally unlike Stockman.

It's really time for Broder to go. He can't make the simplest of connections.

Can't Broder see that the common thread linking Stockman's past behavior and his current indictment is that they are both frauds upon the public?

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