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A note on complexity

It's worth noting that three beats which many of us are interested in -- ObamaCare, the surveillance state (Snowden), and fraud and criminality in the FIRE sector -- are each characterized by three features:

  1. Overwhelming complexity*
  2. Dirty data**
  3. Pure rental extraction***

Just saying. Oh, and this is why this shit is so fucking hard to blog about. It's not a matter of taking cheap shots at public figures any more. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

NOTE * Especially bureaucratic complexity, but also complex IT systems

NOTE ** MsExpat gives a fine example today, but the same confusions between "Edward J Snowden," "Edward James Snowden," and "Edward Jeebus Snowden" are ubiquitous in Stasi data, MERS, LPS, and mortgage servicer data, and (I would bet) ObamaCare as well.

NOTE *** Pure in the sense that the rentier adds no value to the transaction whatever.

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