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A new Constitutional Order emerges in Europe, revealed by the Greek crisis

This is just a compilation of tweets from Billmon. But I think the thesis, which I restate in the headline, is important. (We might also remember that Germany, like Japan, is an American military protectorate, and that therefore integrating this new state-form into TPP and TTiP, respectively, is important.)

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

Clearly, this is aimed directly at every woman, man, and child on this planet.
I weep at the implications and readily seen results already extant; it's obvious the proletariat do not get it, do not understand the future awaiting them in this twisted, new world order; wage slavery (already here), neo-serfdom (coming next week), and a choice-less future.
The gods are right; they do not intervene, your future is set...

Submitted by lambert on

... pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will. I think, however, that the central battle is still in this country; Germany and Japan are US military protectorates. Even though, or perhaps because, our hegemony is based increasingly on hard power and not soft power, and the hard power is not working very well.