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A man on the way to his coronation should look happier


Three days before the Democratic primary on Tuesday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo lurched [!!] into re-election mode on Saturday with a pair of campaign stops in Manhattan and Queens.

At the start of the parade, Ms. Teachout and Mr. Wu spotted their opponents, who have refused to debate them.

Mr. Cuomo’s campaign manager, Joseph Percoco, took on the role of a human wall, repositioning himself to keep Ms. Teachout away from the governor. Mr. Cuomo acted as if Ms. Teachout were not there, and asked about Mayor Bill de Blasio, who soon joined their marching contingent. “Where’s the mayor when you need him?” Mr. Cuomo asked.

Mr. Percoco also exchanged words with Mr. Wu, accusing Mr. Wu of shoving him. “I would like to meet our governor,” Mr. Wu replied. (Mr. Wu later said he did not push Mr. Percoco, and added of the effort to shield the governor, “It’s a physical manifestation of the fact that their campaign is fundamentally about brute force politics, rather than ideas.”)

Stay classy!

Nonetheless, the parade provided a reminder of just how much support Mr. Cuomo has from the state’s political and labor establishment. As supporters held “Labor for Cuomo” signs, he greeted union leaders and posed for pictures with fellow Democrats. Mr. Cuomo and Ms. Hochul marched with a number of them, including Mr. de Blasio, behind a pipe-and-drum band.

Yep, including Hillary Clinton, doing those robocalls.

NOTE This primary season seems awfully short.....

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