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A lost world

For fans of British steam locomotives (like me), fans of industrial films, and fans of what, in the 1930s, was pretty high tech: Think of assembling a plane at Boeing.

You can also see what it looked like when the working class made things, as opposed to shelving them. Of course, when you see glowing shafts of metal hot from the forge being wheeled about the plant on small carts, and then beaten with hammers, it looks like madness, but I bet there was a lot of satisfaction in it, too, despite the smoke and the heat and the stink. I loved working in the factories. When the working class made things.

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Yep, thanks. I was a Millwright for 8yrs working on equipment that was used to make fiberglass for the early space missions and the very beginning of high modulus graphite (HMG). It was fun and it was a good feeling to be members of the first group that learned how weave HMG. The team I was with was 2 engineers that would listen to us 3 Millwrights and use them in their design with credit to us.

I always enjoyed working with my hands and in most jobs I've had including 25yrs of self employment people would search me out to solve their problems and finish other peoples bad workmanship. Today you have people in suits with MBA but no background how the work is actually done. Sad

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I worry about the 787 for just that reason. Boeing seems to think it can build these planes with $14/hour scabs in South Caroline. I'm dubious.