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A Kenyan looks at Florida

One of the joys of reading far right wingnut blogs is the abundant affirmation this activity affords me: I am, after all, a sane and balanced human being and not a barking moonbat. Did you know that Obama's cousin had signed a secret agreement with Kenyan Muslims to institute Sharia law if he was elected President? And that furthermore, Obama himself has signed a secret agreement with US Muslims to make at least 10 changes to the Constitution if he's elected President? Well, maybe you'd heard this, but I hadn't.

No links, I won't direct traffic to these people or give them any linkylove. You could probably google it up if you're interested.

Anywho, a wordy and mostly inapposite introduction to the other joy of reading these people -- I end up in corners of the web I'd never thought to look for, such as this article by a Kenyan [a country where there has been a bit of *cough* election shenanigans] who decides to visit Florida [a state where there has been a bit of *cough* election shenanigans] --

It is a critical state for both Obama and McCain, and in fact McCain has no chance of winning the election if he loses Florida. So this week I am visiting the state to get a better insight on what Obama and his team are doing to win the state. The headquarters are located in Tampa Bay, a medium size city that is in the heart of the territory that is most contested, and after strenuous efforts I managed to get invited to visit and learn about the operations there. As I enter the bland brick building I am shocked that there is no security at the door, and I briefly wonder if I am at the right place as what I am used to in Kenya is walls, security and sense of importance in these sorts of operations…

Emphasis mine. Obama may not read blogs, but surely he reads the African papers. ;)

An end note, if you're ever in the Tampa area and in need of a Kenyan cafe, stop in at Cafe Kili. Hmmm... it's been a while since I've had any Kenya AA coffee....

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eh, make of it what you will.

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ok, one link -- if ever you want to know what the far right wingnuts are pushing, just check out this guy, my favorite rightwing parrot. the meme du jour is apparently obama/kenya/sharia/muslims/u.s./zomg! we gotta save the constitution! that last bit struck me as funny [and not], coming from a bunch of rightwingers.

following the various links landed me at the website where, after randomly clicking some of the headlines, i found the article about obama's florida operations. it's heartening to read the open admiration of someone coming from a more repressive system and seeing ours up close and in person, but at the same time it's still disheartening to watch the authoritarians here [and their enablers] working on dismantling ours.

obama doesn't read blogs and howard dean doesn't have cable [or so we have been told], but one hopes they do actually read newspapers, including foreign ones, and one of the messages i'd like dean and obama and the dnc and [fill in the blank] to take away from reading those foreign papers is that they [the ordinary everyday people living in other countries] really do admire us for our freedoms [and not for our military, or financial, might].

the point of inflicting abstract uncomfortableness on people is to let them wander through the deserts and jungles of their own minds and make connections themselves [well, that's one of the points, anyway]. of course, it's easy to be too abstruse, but in my defense, i can only say that you should meet the artists, poets, playwrights, musicians, et al that i hang out with irl.

living in miami, and to a lesser extent orlando and tampa, really is like being a citizen of the world, or of a wider region at least. i miss the caribbean food, music, and culture [heavily influenced by african food, music, and culture] in south florida, so i stuck in that semi-gratuitous link to the kenyan cafe that was mentioned in the article.

i think i had some other meta-meta in mind too, but those were the main points.