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A handy list of the "progressives" who pimped Obama's Financial Fraud Unit scam

See David Dayen here, starting at "liberal groups offering huzzahs."

I won't bother to list them; you know the drill, and it's a good post so go read it.

I will note, however, the rather neat overlap between these groups and the "progressives" who condemned many thousands of Americans to suffering and death by refusing to advocate for single payer.

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read the whole piece by Dayen.

Bob Borosage of CAF: “After months of troubling rumors that the White House was urging state attorneys generals to hold banks blameless – and after months of protests by concerned Americans – the President is doing the right thing by announcing an investigation of the big banks.”

Justin Ruben, “This is a huge deal for the American people and the biggest victory yet for the 99%.”

The New Bottom Line (who I expected a bit more from): “We congratulate (Obama) for making the smart move of naming New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to co-chair the task force that will lead a full investigation of the role of Wall Street in the financial collapse and the mortgage crisis.”

Peggy Mears of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment: “This decision is good news for the millions of homeowners whose lives have been turned upside down by the reckless conduct of Wall Street.”

Dan Cantor of the New York Working Families Party: “Americans should welcome the announcement by President Obama that the rule of law applies to every American, no matter how wealthy or powerful.”

The Campaign for a Fair Settlement: “The President faced significant pressure from Wall Street CEOs to let the banks off the hook. By creating the mortgage crisis unit, President Obama showed real leadership – and proved that his top priority is fixing the economy for working Americans.”

Rich Trumka of the AFL-CIO: “Recognizing the need for accountability the President powerfully insisted on a more humble Wall Street subject to a thorough investigation of the misconduct in the mortgage markets that wrecked our economy by the full range of federal and state civil and criminal authorities.”

Bamboozled by Barack the Bamboozler?

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I don't think any of these groups have been bamboozled - they are too wedded to neoliberal orthodoxy to be able to be bamboozled. They want to believe in the God-Emperor and this crap just gives them another excuse. If Obama has praise for Schneiderman in his SOTU address, then I have no use for Schneiderman. The bottom line is that if Obama was what I (and many others) wished that he was in 2008, he would have long since taken action. He hasn't. He lied. I ain't buyin' anything he has to sell.