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A friend needs your help

Car Destroyed By Fire:

The current problem Is the last in a series of things that happened over the last few years. I'm not very good at asking for help for myself. This is in the third person because most of it was written by two friends of my wife and myself: ===>

At the end of June, our friend lost his wife after a long illness that began with Stage III Lymphoma. The lymphoma treatment was followed by a long period of semi-paralysis and pain.

He and his wife lived in an apartment building that was purchased by new owners as part of an extensive real estate redevelopment. The new owners/managers decided to get rid of most of their 50 or so existing tenants in order to build their own "community".


We'd like to help get him back on his feet and either get the VW rebuilt or get him a workable car. He is in his early 70s. He is ready to get back to work. He just doesn't have much to work with.

So, if anybody can do a little to make up for the horrible deficiencies of our political economy, that would be good. But please, at least, share this, on Facebook if you have it, and otherwise. Thanks!

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