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A foot of snow to come, and the university closes early

A mere foot? Back in the day, we would have powered through a light dusting like that.

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Submitted by jawbone on

Down here in northern NJ suboonia it's quiet right now. stil just below freezing, as it's been alll day. Initially we had light snow, which built up, then in early afternoon it became wetter and heavier. I went out for a prescription, and just after running inside, waiting just a few minutes and coming back out, there was at least a half inch of new snow to be brushed off.

Actually, it's quite beautiful, but the tall pines are bending low already. I don't know what's in store, as they keep saying the freezing line is moving northward, then back southward, which will affect how much snow falls.

I missed the evening weather report and it's not clear whether we're going to get the high winds or not. A guy at the grocery store said the storm had been downgraded and wouldn't be as bad as predicted.

Submitted by lambert on

Looks like we might get a foot or a foot and a half by tomorrow. That's not very much! I remember, more years ago than I care to remember, when I was in high school, the snow came all the way up to the sills of the kitchen windows. The snow was maybe six feet deep in the driveway, and that wasn't drifting.

I just hate the hysteria. This just boils down to a single page with a map and some numbers....