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A fantatically irritating evening with the Sierra Club

About which more later, I hope. Meanwhile, has anybody else had any experience with national organizations being parachuted in to state and local campaigns?

With obviously recycled PowerPoint slides, snarl?

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Submitted by hipparchia on

no, i've never really had to deal with the parachuting, so i can't offer anything useful.

sort of tangentially-related, i'm interested to hear your take on the sierra club. right-wing xenophobes have tried to stage a hostile takeover of the organization in the past [unsuccessful, fortunately]. in the present, they recently acquired the epa guy that obama fired when the right-wing noise machine started whining.

Submitted by lambert on

It seemed clear to me that they were doing the campaign in the way they were doing it (a) because that was a campaign they knew how to do ("drunks looking under the lamp-post"), and I hypothesized (b) that they has secured funding for that sort of campaign, which is why they were not willing to bend at all to feedback from what has been a very successful grass roots (hate that metaphor) so far.

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Submitted by Dario on

When I read that the Sierra Club had endorsed Obama again, I was disappointed, especially after the way Obama handled the BP oil spill. I let the Sierra Club know that I was protesting the endorsement by not renewing my membership with the club.