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A death in the family

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Please stop by Pen-Elayne and pay your respects, as Elayne Riggs just lost her father.

Elayne was one of the few established bloggers who offered a helping hand to this newbie, and I am grateful to her for that, as well as for some stimulating offline debates.

She provides a unique potpourri of politics, feminism, and pop-culture — along with the ever-entertaining "Silly Site o' the Day." Another reason to enjoy her contribution to this thing we call the blogosphere is her healthy reticence for unnecessary jargon (is "blogosphere" OK, Elayne?) and a refreshing perspective about the high-schoolishness and insularity that sometimes cloud this new medium, with its "a-list" and "b-list" pecking orders, and stories that might only matter to us chickens.

I have never actually met Elayne (something I hope to rectify next time I'm in the Big Apple), and I never knew her father at all.

In a script by a screenwriter she and I both like is the line "by the work you know the artist," so perhaps in a little way, those of us who have enjoyed her wisdom and collegiality maybe got to know him a little bit.

Best wishes to Elayne and her family in this difficult time.

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