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A crude attempt to co-opt OWS by Kos

Ugh. Yes, I know "crude" and "Kos" are redundant. Also "Kos" and "transparently obvious."


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Thanks so much for bringing the site back!

I was freaking out for awhile without it...


Oh yeah, I forgot: Kos sucks.


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Commenters on that site are clueless. They say things like "We are the 99% should be the slogan for 2012". "Whose slogan?" someone asked. Then the other person couldn't answer the question. They wouldn't even say, "Well Obama's, right?".

They don't understand what co-option is. It's a bleak place I care not to go to. Here's a simple reply I have for them. "If you work to keep the 1% in power through elections, you are not part of the 99% even if your income is below $250,000. OK? If you are working for "Think Progress" or "Media Matters", or think being on DK and getting Dems elected is the answer, sorry, you can't be part of the 99%. It's not just about income.

Am I wrong?