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A con so powerful even nuns fall for it

E.J. Dionne:

In all the dissections of Obama’s performance in the first debate, not enough attention has been paid to the real problem with his self-presentation: his failure to convey passion for the purposes of government, the requirements of justice and the point of his presidency. “The president,” says Sister Simone [of Nuns on the Bus], “has gotten disconnected from the people he cares about.”

Oh, really?

Just so nobody else has to, I'll bring the snark that belief without evidence in Sky Father who really cares about us must come easily to a nun. So that's done.

More centrally, how the heck does Obama do it? How does he work the con? "By their fruits shall ye know them." See Matthew 7:15-20, especially verse 15

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Those who donate to his campaign?

I never did see see any evidence that Obama cared much about anyone except himself and his own.

He's always been disconnected from the non-bonus-class.