If you have "no place to go," come here!

A clever tactic in Tahrir Square


This steady resistance has seen important results. Over the first seven months of SCAF rule, nearly 12,000 civilians were tried in hasty military courts—more than the total number during Mubarak’s thirty-year reign. The trials marked “a huge deterioration in terms of due process rights,” according to Morayef, and activists and human rights lawyers launched a grassroots campaign that catapulted the issue from the margins of the activist community to the center of the political sphere. Today civilians are rarely referred to military courts, though the practice has not been entirely abolished. Activists have also launched a guerrilla media campaign to counter the SCAF’s blanket denials of wanton violence against protesters, setting up portable screens in public spaces across the country to air footage of army abuses.

Bat signals everywhere!

Also, too, the Army shootings. The Army is doubling down in a losing game. They had their chance to govern -- the Egyptian Occupiers gave it to them -- and everybody knows they're blowing it. We're not talking tribal conflict here.

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