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A Call for Leadership: Stoller on FISA

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Fucking A, Matt:

Bush is about to get his number one priority through Congress, a move that could be stopped by Edwards, Obama, or Clinton, especially the latter two. This is the move to implement retroactive immunity for telecom companies who spy on Americans and violate core constitutional principles.
All that is required to fight this is for Clinton or Obama to put the glare of the Presidential spotlight in the Senate. To, you know, lead. All three campaigns are well-aware of this fight, and at least Clinton and Obama have been completely unresponsive.

South Carolina is probably locked up for Obama, and since the fight now is over swing liberals and the campaign is about to move national, this would be a smart political move. You get more national attention by confronting Bush in DC in a dramatic filibuster than you do with bland paid media. PT Barnum said if you want to attract a crowd, pick a fight, and Democrats who vote in Democratic primaries like people who fight Bush. Hell, everyone likes people who fight Bush.

Meanwhile, I see limited or marginal reasons to care who wins the primary. I respect supporters of every candidate. Still, if you want to persuade me to drink your kool-aid, get your candidate to help Dodd protect the damn constitution already. And then I'll drink a big cup of whatever it is you're offering, and so will lots of us.

All I can add is that the advice our candidates are following must be from extremely stupid, cowardly, or self-serving people, and that the candidates themselves are hypocrites and moral cripples if they don't follow Matt's advice. His logic is unassailable. People would respond, with real enthusiasm, if any candidate would actually address this hugely unpopular action that Chimpy is demanding.

No wonder I got an email this morning from a family member on "electile dysfunction." (When one can't get aroused by any campaign or candidate and boredom lasts for more than four hours)

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God, Hilbama suck just as badly as Harry and Nancy:

UPDATE: Telecom immunity entails virtually every corrupt, defining aspect of how our political system works: Telecoms have poured money into the coffers of key Senators, who then dutifully became their key advocates. Telecoms have sent a bipartisan cast of lobbyists (former government officials, of course, with incomparable access), to pressure key Senators, who swing their doors open wide for those lobbyists. And immunity is the most extremely illustration of what Sen. Obama calls "Lewis Libby Justice," as Congress passes a law with no purpose other than to protect retroactively the most well-connected private parties from the consequences of their lawbreaking.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Maybe we should be contacting the biggest contributors of the DSCC and RSCC who are NOT telecom companies and ask them to publicly oppose immunity to telecoms and extention of FISA abuse.

They wouldn't do it of course, but they would contact their friends in the Senate and tell them the blogswarm was spreading.

We could also contact they outside directors of the telecom companies and ask them to resign for the Board of Directors over the FISA issue. They wouldn't of course, but they would feel the heat.

We need to extend this fight outside of the traditional political arena.