If you have "no place to go," come here!

A busy day in St. Louis

I'll repeat here what I said this morning:

I should have exhaustive coverage of this, since STL > HK for local or rather continental interest, but I — and especially since the cops whacked another black kid — come away with the impression of actions that are organic, well-planned, strategic, disciplined, and in it for the long haul; it’s probably a good thing the media glare isn’t focused on STL right now. I care less about people parachuted in, especially professors of this or that. We’ll see how it goes, and especially how it goes if the grand jury doesn’t indict Darren Wilson.

So herewith a few of today's actions; looks like events at Walmart and a Steve Senger/Claire McCaskill fundraiser (ha), with a parallel event at St Louis University. I don't know enough to generalize, but I'm impressed by the general seriousness, organization, and lack of ego-flexing.

(West is who I meant by professors being "parachuted in." Good for him, but power to the locals.

And above, the fundraiser.

Above, Walmart.

And above, St. Louis University.

* * *

What is impressive about this is that actions have spread across an entire conurbation, which Occupy was never able to do. I don't know if that's a blessing, or the curse of a highway-centric city of sprawl, but I do know that most of the urban United States is a lot more like St. Louis than it is like Manhattan, or, for that matter, Oakland. This is impressive. This will be big.

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