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The Julep Post

top_mint_julepIn honor of the venerable Kentucky Derby, I offer you Mint Julep Blogging Friday, and a little something to go with--a story on making the perfect julep, and a recipe for it as well. First, the recipe:

2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups water (branch water is ideal)
Fresh Mint
Crushed Ice
Kentucky bourbon (2 ounces per serving)

Make a simple mint syrup by boiling sugar and water together for 5 minutes; cool. (This recipe makes enough syrup for 44 juleps.) Place in a covered container with 6 or 8 bruised mint sprigs. Refrigerate overnight.
Make a julep by filling a julep cup or glass with crushed ice well-packed into the cup, then adding 1 tablespoon of mint syrup and 2 ounces of bourbon. Stir rapidly with a spoon to frost outside of cup or glass. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig and a straw cut short enough so that you almost bury your nose in the mint as you sip.

And now, the story, from a 1937 letter at the Buckner Family website: Read more about The Julep Post

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Leader of the pack

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I have in front of me a book about dogs that I want to share a few words from--share them with whoever you are: the book is titled LEADER OF THE PACK (published by Quill, A Harper Resource Book) and it was written by Nancy Baer and Steve Duno. My wife rescues dogs and was told about this book: she read it, loved it, made me read it and then bought a bunch of copies to give to people with whom we place dogs, or just people with dogs independent of us who, to my wife's eye, look like they could use some guidance. If dogs could read she would give copies to dogs, but let's not go there. Read more about Leader of the pack

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Seventy Years of Success

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Only connect

Here's an interesting link from alert reader jack. Emily Gertz writes at WorldChanging:

The internet's been great for helping me make new friends in San Francisco and Toronto... all from my home office chair in Brooklyn.

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Drunken Notions

drooling%20drunk I used to swear I would never blog personal shit, but I guess I've failed to live up to that commitment for some time. Nonetheless, I will spare the occasional passerby the trials and tribulations of my most recent interesting (in the Chinese sense) life chapters, and simply say that the political is indeed the personal, and one day I will have my revenge. Read more about Drunken Notions

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Guinea Pig Kids Triptych

The NYTimes discovers the story. And the one they tell is from the standpoint of those who administered the trials:

"In the late 1980's and early 1990's, hundreds of children in New York City were dying of AIDS. The only approved drugs were for adults; and many of the patients were foster children. So doctors obtained permission to include foster children in what they regarded as promising drug trials.
By 2000, the number of children under 20 who died of AIDS in the city that year dropped to 13 from more than 100 per year less than a decade before.
But now, just as the trials are receding into history, they are coming under intense scrutiny. A federal agency is investigating whether guidelines for including foster children in trials were violated. The city's child welfare administration has launched an independent inquiry into whether children were harmed. And when the head of the child welfare system testified about the trials at a City Council hearing in May, angry spectators shouted him down.
Read more about Guinea Pig Kids Triptych

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An Invite FromYour Local DFA & Philly For Change

If you live in the Philadelphia area, and you care about what your government is trying to do to Social Security, come out and join with others who are working to save it---meet great people, stuff your face with good eats, and talk with some of your local candidates and representatives to exchange ideas on how to do it.

Join us at an old-fashioned
Sunday picnic in the park to say "Happy 70th Birthday, Social Security!"

Sponsored by
Montco DFA
Philly for Change,
the party will be held at Fort Washington State Park in Flourtown, PA on August 14.

We'll have food, fun, and good company.



• BIRTHDAY CAKE • Grilled Hot Dogs • Corn-on-the-Cob • Soft Drinks •


• Former U.S. Rep. Joe Hoeffel • PA Sen. LeAnna Washington • Billionaires for Bush •

• County Commissioner Ruth Damsker •
• Marty Berger, PA President, Alliance of Retired Americans •
Congressional candidates • Lois Murphy • Pat Murphy • Ginny Schrader • Lois Herr • Paul Scoles

Expecto Patronum

When Harry Potter is troubled by dementors (a sensation horridly familiar to all of us in These Troubled Times, including people who have never opened a Potter book nor seen the movies--we just call it BSS) he waves his wand and yells the spell Expecto patronum and out from the end of his wand pops a stag. This is a Good Thing when it happens for Harry, because it chases the dementors away so they don't suck out his soul. Read more about Expecto Patronum

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Surveys can be created

Surveys can be created with checkboxes, etc., and then mailed to the survey creator. See example. Read more about Surveys can be created

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Including content in a book

[Only contributors will be able include content in books, but this may be useful to everyone, to show how the site works.]

Here is how to include content in a book:

1. Create the content in the usual way. Read more about Including content in a book

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Splitting a post between front page and blog

[Only contributors will be able to post, but this may be useful to everyone, to show how the site works.]

To control where your post gets split. Use an HTML comment that looks like:


but is really this:

[Contributors, click the edit tab so you can see what the HTML comment looks like.] Read more about Splitting a post between front page and blog

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Special characters are created automatically

This is a test of the smarty pants module.

Two dashes--should turn into an em-dash

I've always wanted typographers quotes.

"Double quotes, too!" Read more about Special characters are created automatically

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Glossary entries can be created

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This is a test of the glossary module. There should be one glossary entry for Duck Pit . And there should be a second glossary entry for Clusterfuck . There should not be a glossary entry for the second mention of Duck Pit . Neither duck pit nor clusterfuck should be highlighted as glossary items. Read more about Glossary entries can be created


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