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75 Years Ago This Week in Nazi Germany

The wsws website acknowledges a chilling anniversary for this week: “75 years ago: Nazis round up ‘anti-social elements.’” It discloses:

Mass arrests of Jewish people and others whom the German fascist government determined were “anti-social elements” -- socialists, communists and ethnic Roma and Sinti -- occurred June 12-18, 1938.

Of the thousands taken into custody many were moved directly to concentration camps. The “Reich Criminal Bureau” -- under SECRET powers "authorized" at the end of 1937 -- launched due-process-less so-called “preventative arrests.”

Berlin, the capital city, focused on apprehending Jews and political opponents of the regime. In rural areas the German authorities filled “arrest quotas” by rounding up Roma and Sinti minorities, so-called “gypsies” declared by the Nazi Nuremberg laws “non-Aryan”.

On June 13 a special train with 700 Austrian Jews and political prisoners left Vienna for Dachau concentration camp.

The German secretary of state on June 14 demanded legislation that would prevent Jews from “acquiring German nationality by birth, naturalization, or marriage.” Jewish people already in Germany were allowed to retain their nationality BUT “children born to them after the enactment of the new law would be denied citizenship and would be effectively stateless.”

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