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75% of Canadians Polled Never Heard of TPP

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From: From 75 per cent of Canadians unaware of TPP negotiations: poll

Fully 75 per cent of respondents said they had never heard of the TPP before being asked about it by the pollster.
The telephone poll of 1,002 Canadians was conducted June 3-12 and is considered accurate within plus or minus 3.2 percentage points, 19 times in 20.

Looks like the Canadian anti-TPP "activists" have done slightly better than American anti-TPP "activists". Still, nothing to brag about.

Am logging state of TPP Ignorance, + (hopefully) efforts to take the anti-TPP message to the public directly, via face-to-face encounters, posted flyers, etc. at

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Here's another sign of the "activist" times. About 24 hours ago, Richard Trumka tweeted a link to the following statement:

Workers’ resolve is firmer than ever. We will fight at every level and in every way to protect American workers and our economy by rejecting Fast Track and this corporate trade deal.”

(emphasis mine)

So, non-trusting outside-the-boxer that I am, I head over to to see the current state of AFL-CIO "actions" against TPP. Recall that previous checks showed a grand total of 4 (= FOUR) events - this for a union federation of over 12 million members.

We-e-e-e-e-ll, this morning, their mapping widget was broken, so there were ZERO events available to visit.

I just checked back, at least 6 hours later, and it's still broken.

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No events showing.

I don't know what "broken" means. When there are no events on a Google map, it will default to a lat/lon in the middle of ocean, so all that is showing is blue (or an ocean trench, in satellite view). So I zoomed out and scrolled to capture the United States.

Alternatively, maybe "broken" means bits of JavaScript code in the middle of the screen?

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Submitted by metamars on

Ah, I stand corrected, though the fact that there are 0 events still underscores how anemic the AFL-CIO is, and how much that contrasts with Trumka's words.

BTW, I discovered last week that the mapping widget on, on the Create page, is broken. The old code to access the cloudmade tiles isn't working anymore, You can see all error messages by hitting F12 in Chrome.

I'm close to have a useable beta site upgrade, with mapbox providing the mapping tiles.

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Submitted by metamars on

I haven't worked with Google maps, much, but in mapbox and leaflet sample code, lat and lng are normally explicitly set when the map is first loaded

Also, if you use mapbox to provide all your mapping stuff, you (normally?) create a starting map project that lives on their server, with a given style and set of layers, and hard code an initial lat lng. In either case, for a US centered organization, you'd never think of centering it on the Atlantic Ocean.

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Submitted by Alice X on

The mistake the AFL-CIO makes is in the assumption that one goes from working class to middle class with enough of a pay raise. That wIth enough of a pay raise the class war is over.

That's precisely what the Corporate Coup Plotters want the commoners to think so no one talks about changing the system.

How many in the USA know much about the troika of the TTP, TTIP or TiSA?

Some people talk about the ravages of NAFTA but how many know the details?