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60 Minutes with Julian Assange, plus background on getting the interview

Steve Kroft seems more positively impressed by Assange in this background bit than on the broadcast portion. Kroft says he views Assange as a journalist and, more importantly, a publisher. Note his comparison to 60 Minutes on line and the NYTimes on line. Other extras also on the page.


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is why I felt it should be highlighted in a QH. The difference between the impression created by the 60 Minutes interview and how Kroft himself said Assange was indeed a journalist and especially a publisher was almost a chasm.

Was it editing done by the upper management at 60 Minutes? Kroft tryiing to maintain "access"? I can't know, but would like to.

What Swanson says is spot on -- thanks for the addition to the views on the interview.

(I was struck by how much taller Assange is than Kroft, on a non-political level of course.)