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54/40 or Bust! w/Buck 65 interview

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That's right - your weekly dose of up & coming Canadian music is back this week with a WHOLE 'NOTHER HOUR! From 1300 - 1600 EST I will be ruling the airwaves ( with the best and the brightest up and coming Canadian artists and this week features an interview with the Legendary Buck 65! Before The Rapture happens why not have a good soundtrack to your day? Listen in to 88.1 FM in Upstate SC or over the internet everywhere else. Requests definitely appreciated either in the chatbox on the webpage or by phone at 864.656.WSBF, that's 864.656.9723.

Here's a sample of Buck 65 for you:

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That's why the post date has been changed. Buck 65 interview is now on the 28th instead of the 21st. Mark your calendars for the Legendary Buck 65!