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5:00 Horror: FBI closes 2001 anthrax case

One nutball scientist, acting alone.

Of course, of course. I know a 5:00 Horror when I see one....

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Submitted by kelley b on

What possible motivation would the Feds have in misleading us?

I particularly like the note they try to tell us was a psychotic's coded message:

You can place it on a turntable, play it backwards, and it says "Paul is dead" too, I'll bet.

There are some real psychotics involved in this case, alrighty.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

after seven years of being hounded by the Feds? I might think the same thing:

"I, in my right mind, wouldn't do it," Ivins is quoted as saying of the anthrax attacks in June 2008, weeks before his death. But he added, "It worries me when I wake up in the morning and I've got all my clothes and my shoes on, and my car keys are right beside there."

He was clearly not in his right mind a few weeks before he killed himself when he makes the statement they proudly point to as a strong indication of his guilt.