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4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol from Freedom Industries West Virginia spill moves down the Ohio River

Here's a handy map!

I just love the name "Freedom Industries." So perfect.

UPDATE More hilarity. From (of all places):

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The company responsible for the chemical spill in West Virginia moved its chemicals to a nearby plant that has already been cited for safety violations, including a backup containment wall with holes in it.

As a result, state officials may force the company to move the chemicals to a third site. ...

According to a state Department of Environmental Protection report, inspectors found that, like the Charleston facility, the Nitro site's last-resort containment wall had holes in it. The report described the site's wall as "deteriorated or nonexistent."

Just like TEPCO.

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Hydrologist Anne Jefferson posed some interesting questions the other day about this spill. The comments there are interesting, too. Possibly because my comment gave them a poke in the ribs, some people who work in similar environments related their experience. What I find interesting is that in some places, similar installations are usually inspected at least once a year, but this particular plant hadn't been inspected for twenty years.

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Money quote from that link:

[Department of Environmental Protection inspectors] saw a 4-foot-wide stream of chemicals heading for the containment area's wall, and disappearing into the joint between the dike's wall and floor.

Leaving me to wonder why they wasted all that money and material on a retaining wall...

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The wall was built long ago, so who knows? That's the problem - one of the first places things crumble is at joints like that. I'm guessing that crack started many years ago, and just got bigger every winter freeze or heavy rainstorm. No inspections meant no one in authority noticed the problems and told the company to fix it.

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won't be a problem when TPP becomes law. The press will not be allowed to report the story and the so-called gov. agency on local, state, and fed level will have no comment. As pointed out the leaked files there is no way that nancy or harry will stop the fast track. I'm sure the govt. spokes person will say something like Get over it and learn how to make the poison taste better.

This makes fell warm and light headed.