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[Do we have anybody who can assess the methodology of the linked study? Thanks! --lambert]

The answer.

Now there's proof!

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Good golly, there's a pdf. A little light bedtime reading for me. ;) I'll let you know what I think, if I think anything.

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I'll be looking forward. #42 on the power curve is pretty amazing, actually, if true.

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But that's OK!

What I find really notable (although unsurprising) is how few women's blogs are in the top prog blogs, and that there's only one blog (Shakesville) whose primary subject is feminist/gender/sexuality issues. Many of the group blogs have a token skirt or two--but they're far from equal representation.

Just another data point that even for left men, women are not people too, and women's issues are women's issues, not left issues.

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Just saw Feministing there, too. Two blogs out of 42 that are about feminism! Whoopeee!

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One of the other reasons for the split in the SCLB: Failure to treat women with the respect they deserve.

Thank goodness Corrente, though mostly run by dudez, is a very, VERY feminist-friendly place. Congrats, Lambert and all the Correntians!

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Feminists have good arguments :-)

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You know what really helps an argument?





(Can you tell I am loving this new feature?)