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400 richest Americans paid 18% in taxes on average-- Up from 2007's

16.62% on average, a record low.

Per Steve Rattner, Wall Street financier, today on Mornings With Joe, MSNBC

The 2007 figure comes from a Forbes writer in a featured comment:

Janet Novack, Forbes Staff

Actually, the 18.11% effective tax rate the 400 highest income taxpayers paid in 2008 was UP from the record low of 16.62% they paid in 2007. By contrast, taxpayers with an adjusted gross income between $500,000 and $1 million paid an effective tax rate of 23.4% in 2008. Here’s another shocking figure: the 400 highest income taxpayers collected a record 13% of all net capital gains reported by taxpayers in 2008.

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