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3-D printing

3-D printing, and the DIY "maker" movement generally, are fascinating to me, even if because they get no coverage in our famously free press. This is an excellent survey article, and here's a random sample:

The current developments in 3D printing and digital desktop fabrication technologies are opening novel ‘spaces’ for fabrication to occur. For example, as 3D printers drop in both size and price, they are becoming more common in homes, schools, and small businesses, potentially transforming those spaces into micro ‘factories’.

I would love to be able to fabricate no-longer-manfactured parts for "this old house." Things like faucets or doorknobs or hinges where I have one or three or six examples, and just need one or two more, so I don't have to degrade the fabric with some cheap-ass and cynically engineered replacement specified here, manufactured elsewhere, and sold to me at the tip of the global supply chain.

Alas, I don't see 3-D faucet replacements being made from plastic powder any time soon. Prove me wrong, please!

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Submitted by hipparchia on

yeah, i live in one of those too. interior doors are solid wood, with those doorknobs and keyholes of yore, some of which are missing, which, for now, can only be replaced if i'm willing to break into some other old house and steal some. not an optimal solution.

Submitted by brucedixon on

a practical everyday use for those things. when they get like the replicators on Star Trek, I'll want one.