If you have "no place to go," come here! signs anti-TPP letter, threatens to hold its breath until it turns blue

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Wondering what the folks are doing to abort TPA, I checked out their website, after ascertaining that they signed onto the the anti-TPP letter that has 2009 group signatories.

There's no mention of TPP/TPA on their front page, even though TPA passage might be imminent. However, when you go to their "Campaigns and Projects" page, they do have a couple of sections on TPP. One of them is recent, and mentions Fast Track. The call to action is to contact your Congress critter, using their convenient, online tool.

Well, as a minimum, that's almost OK. (An OK minimum would have an alert appearing on the front page.)

However, do you fight a war by doing 'OK minimums'? I can easily think of a bunch of more substantial actions on the part of the leadership, to stimulate their membership to far greater heights than the proverbial "contact your Congress critter". If TPA passes, will the people be content to say, "While faced with an existential threat to what remains of our democracy, which will likely obsolete tougher-than-normal environmental laws, we gave it an (almost) OK effort?"

E.g. of more substantial actions:

  • call for IMMEDIATE anti-TPA protests, right on their website's front page
  • have Bill McKibben (or whoever heads, these days) make a video with a personal appeal, as part of the outreach to membership
  • have Bill McKibben (or whoever heads, these days) declare an 'immediate' 350-led Washington D.C. demonstration, to be attended by him, personally. He can do something creative like chain himself to a wall. :-)
  • reach out to's local chapters. I spot checked the one in Belmar, NJ , and there's not a word about TPP
  • reach out to conservative organizations, as they lean Republican, and Republicans in Congress are more favorable to TPP
  • reach out to Veteran's groups, as TPP = economic TREASON, and if a vet can't get excited about legislated TREASON, then I don't know who can
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This "" dysmovement is obviously a hipster tabloid agency front.

Yeah let's all devote our feeble energy to stopping global aging. Obviously we have nothing better to do.

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met yesterday with Dem lawmakers who support the passage of the TPP, and Dem lawmakers "who are wavering." (Love that choice of words!)

The White House meeting was not on the 'official schedule.'

My money says it will pass.


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Of course, Obama will try and twist some arems, 'bribe' others. That's completely unsurprising.

I think we can legitimately say that TPA is still in play. Thus, even though it's unsurprising that even at this late date, I'm not seeing an aggressive public-facing educational outreach, it's still worth prodding activist organizations to do better.

I not only posted this diary, I sent off emails to the following:
may, rae, kevin, yossi, and linda

I'd be doing more, but I've been sick....