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The 30 co-sponsors of HR 676 (and how to contact those who are not yet co-sponsors)

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According to GovTrack, the newly reintroduced HR 676 has but 30 cosponsors, so either GovTrack has not picked up all current cosponsors, or some have not had a chance to put their name on it again, or we have lost some support.

Please glance over the list of supporters and see if any of them are your Representative. Please thank them for their support if you have not already done so. It is very important to reward our supporters and demonstrate that supporting HR 676 is a political winner.

There is a very good possibility that former supporters fully intend to reup their cosponsor, but just have not had a chance. Please take an optimistic view until we have more information. Thank them for their past support and ask them to continue to be cosponsors.

Please contact these former supporters who are not yet listed as supporters

Rep Abercrombie
Rep Baca
Rep Bishop
Rep Brady
Rep Corrine Brown
Rep Capuano
Rep Andre Carson
Rep Christensen
Rep Emanuel Cleaver
Rep James Clyburn be courteous! politicians walk back from foolishness all the time!
Rep Elijah Cummings (very outspoken in the video
Rep Chaka Fattah
Rep Filner
Rep Frank
Rep Al Green
Rep Phil Hare
Rep Alcee Hastings
Rep Hirono
Rep Rush Holt
Rep Michael Honda
Rep Jesse Jackson Jr
Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson
Rep Hank Johnson
Rep Patrick Kennedy (It would be difficult for him to go against his dad)
Rep Kildee
Rep John Lewis
Rep David Loebsack
Rep Stephan Lynch
Rep Carolyn Maloney
Rep James McGovern
Rep George Miller
Rep Gwen Moore
Rep Jim Moran
Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC's non-voting delegate)
Rep ED Pastor
Rep Donald Payne
Rep Rangel
Rep Laura Richardson
Rep Roybal-Allard
Rep Bobby Rush
Rep Tim Ryan
Rep Linda Sanchez (see video)
Rep Loretta Sanchez (who is very outspoken in the video)
Rep Jan Schakowsky
Rep David Scott
Rep Bobby Scott
Rep Jose Serrano
Rep Betty Sutton
Rep Bennie Thompson
Rep John Tierney
Rep Edolphus Towns
Rep Waters, (very outspoken in the video)
Rep Anthony Weiner
Rep Peter Welch
Rep Robert Wexler
Rep Yarmuth

Former Congressman, now Senator Tom Udall was a cosponsor. If you live in NM, thank him for his past support and ask him to sponsor a Senate version of HR 676.

Marcia L. Fudge has replaced the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones. If you live in Ohio's 11th district, please ask her to cosponsor HR 676.

Jackie Speier
, who replaced the late Tom Lantos, who was a cosponsor, is not listed as a cosponsor yet. She ran as a supporter of single payer. If you live in her district please thank her for her past support of single payer and ask her to sign as a cosponsor of HR 676.

Special word about Joseph Cao, the new Representative from New Orleans. His predecessor, William "freezer" Jefferson was a co-sponsor. One of the few positive things he did. If you are from that district, please ask Cao to cosponsor HR 676, it is particularly important to New Orleans.

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that is why I did, not only list those who did not reup, but even hyper linked their web contact form. ahem.

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Then again, I'm not the only hasty reader... Let me tinker..