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2L4O news!

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The union-made/USA-made 2L4O shirts have arrived, priced at $18 each.

And, while supplies last, first-edition (non union-made) shirts are on sale for just $10 ($1 of which goes to Doctors Without Borders).

A portion of the price of either version supports blogs like, oh, this one. Be sure to say who sent ya in the "referrer" drop-down!

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I wear mine proudly whenever I go shopping so I maximize exposure (oh, I shop a lot - HA! Not really, but it does get seen.)

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Submitted by vastleft on

Q. How's your husband?
A. Compared to what?

But seriously, folks, I'm gratified by the response -- seven cool blogs partnering to help get the word out, and shirts now being worn all across the country.

I didn't have a specific expectation to measure against, but I did have to increase the first order based on surprising demand out of the gate. But there still are a few of those to be sold. A few folks have said they wanted them but even $16 was big money to them right now, so I hope this sale will help them participate.

Given how disappointing the Democrats are, there are many folks who are 2L4O but haven't yet come to grips with it and the need to make some noise. We'll try to help get them there, one shirt at a time.

Submitted by Anne on

send you a check? I had a breach of my Visa card last week - someone tried to charge over $2,000 worth of stuff - and I am leery of internet transactions for the near future.

If a check would work, you could send me a private message; if that's not possible, it will have to wait until I get over the jitters...

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Submitted by vastleft on

Being too liberal for Obama is evil!

We're supposed to be disappointed enough to consider sending strongly worded telegrams and appropriate donations NOW NOW NOW. But we're not supposed to spoil the party.

Besides, there may be some really cool stuff transacted in the next conference call or White House / Kewl Kidz confab. They might even hand out "Ask me about my Obama stimulus" bumper stickers!

Submitted by lambert on

... why not just buy ad space? It's all cheap, so we could hold a fundraiser.

And if they censor advertising, so much the better!

We might combine this with a poll to pick the access blogger to select.

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Submitted by vastleft on

If I were selling "public option" ponies, though, I might find a ready market there....

BTW, and not news to anyone, among the nicest big-blog folks are the gang at C&L. Mike was kind enough to feature 2L4O, and he's proud owner of one the shirts. So far no other major blog has dared mention them.

If the ad prices weren't so high, I'd give it a go.

I did one at Balloon Juice via the nifty site, but I don't think you get much visibility way down the column. It was much more effective at some web-comic sites, though, which sell higher-visibility slots through that service, and sometimes inexpensively, depending on the bidding.