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25 hours, 350 votes, 4517 signatures

A little online activism for you to do, if you like...

  1. There's about 25 hours left to vote at for PNHP's proposal for Improved Medicare for All and it's in 11th place and needs ~350 votes to move up to 10th. More votes are better, a little while ago it was only ~25 votes out of 10th place. The top 10 most popular ideas will be presented to the Prez. Not that he's likely to listen to us, but go for it anyway.
  2. Alan Grayson has a petition up calling for a vote on his Medicare buy-in bill. It's got 4517 signatures and as long as you're sitting at your computer anyway, why not take another minute and sign this one too. Retweet it too! [h/t CtMan1]
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Submitted by lambert on

Good news, but if you haven't voted, do so. Worthy causes, all, but -- except for the animal rights ones -- single payer would make most of them easier.

Submitted by hipparchia on

but separated from 11th place by fewer than 100 votes, so keep the pressure on.

also, grayson's petition is up to 5222 signatures.

Submitted by hipparchia on

the pnhp proposal did not make the final cut. thank you to everyone who participated!

glad to see that the anti-corporate-personhood proposal made it through the process though.

in other news, grayson's petition is up to 26,000 [oops] 24000+ signatures.