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2016 will NOT be like 1972

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quick note about Yglesias; Vox is funded by Comcast, which recieves $1000/per month/per wiretap of their internet customers. Indescrminate wiretaps have been very profitable for Comcast, and we can expect continued attacks on Sanders by both Vox and NBC/CNBC/MSNBC. Similarly Amazon holds the cloud computing contract for the CIA, so we can expect the Washington Post to be very negative about Sanders.
Matt Yglesias

Arguments like this powered McGovern to the nomination where he, of course, lost in a landslide — because it turns out that raising money and placating interest groups and trimming your sails to stay in line with public opinion are all useful political skills.

Expect this comparison to made over and over again. But unlike Yglesias, I am old enough to remember 1972, and there is NO comparison. Viet Nam was the great issuse, and you had a generation of WWII vets, who had answered their country's call, and expected their children (or more accurately, other people's children) to do likewise. There were shouting matches in dining rooms across the country as students returned home with long hair and bad attitudes. The people who had grown up in the deppression, fought WWII and managed to build a measure of prosperity felt it was all under assualt by minorities, feminists, and worst of all, hippies. The Republicans successfully painted McGovern as a dirty hippie, and he lost by a landslide.

The current situation is completely different. Now a generation who was born into prosperity face a continually deteriorating situation. Those who managed to keep their jobs and houses, find their children living in the basement, paying off their students loans. Young and old are united in their anger at the oligarchs who destroyed the economy. The credibility of the American financial and political elite was destroyed by the twin frauds of the Iraq war and the financial bail out of 2008, That is why Sanders is going to win, both the nomination,and the general election.

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