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2014. Karzai catches last copter outta Kabul--does he dangle from the skid or ride inside?

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We learn today that Prez, whom we now know is famously quick to pique, has just about had it with Hamid Karzai.

As a consequence, the wisdom that a peace prize and tons of good advice could not impress upon him suddenly shines like a beacon: We're outta here! The sooner the better and no cosmetic troop remnants to decorate the desolation once we embark.

John Kerry, of "no man wants to be the last to die for a mistake" fame, will no doubt grind his teeth, pore over the Ohio returns from 2004, and lament the thousands he failed to save when he let the presidency be stolen a second time by Karl Rove.

Obama himself, who, fresh from Oslo let the Generals roll him and then pretended to like it, should properly suffer nightmares, wherein the ghosts of Alexander the Great, Rudyard Kipling and General Gromov play out the Christmas Carol parallel.

Prez, you feckless putz, what part of Graveyard of Empires did you not understand?

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Obama wasn't rolled by the generals, at least not if you mean to say that was the reason he decided to apply slightly more force to Afghanistan rather than cut our losses and get out of there after picking up his Nobel. In the 2008 election, that was clearly his position, as in we should be putting our effort into Afghanistan rather than Iraq. That might have been a sensible position in 2004, but by 2008 it was clearly foolish, or as the military would say, "overcome by events". Count that as one more reason I was in the "anyone but Obama" camp back then.

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All the Afghan war stuff was incidental but necessary to accomplish his real goal of selling bad insurance plans and get-out-of-jail-free cards for bankers.

The fact that the Insurance Salesman in Chief appears to have acquired a perverse taste for first-person-shooter action in the rest of south Asia and east Africa concerns me more going forward.