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I'm very actively not giving a shit about any of the legacy party candidates on offer, or likely to be on offer. Even if Joan Walsh has already made her preferences known.

And it's still 2011. It's like the Xmas muzak started in the stores not after Halloween, but right after the previous New Year's.

Of course, both parties will endeavor to make me give a shit -- the Rs by becoming nuttier, and the Ds by saying ZOMG! Look how nutty they are! But I'm tired of being blackmailed. Fuck that, and Fuck them.

So it's extremely unlikely I'll be able to write on the horse race, except to mock it for being the shambles it is. Not to say there won't be other more interesting forms of politics, since there certainly will be!

NOTE Went to a leftie festival the other day, and picked up some literature at the Green's table, including a newspaper. Started reading it on the way home, and the stories seemed a little familiar, then overly familiar.... And when I checked the date, the paper was printed in 2006. Yes, that was the promotional material. C'mon, guys. Goddammit.

UPDATE I know this isn't the best post EVAH... But the feeling of not giving a shit about a Presidential race is new to me. It's very odd.

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And, yes, it doe seem early, but even worse is the breathlessness with which the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) is lavishing a high level of attention on these early sort of candidatetes and even on the publicity seekers. I mean, NPR has done such nice, friendly gentle bios on almost all the early debaters. Even The Donald. WTF!?!

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to assert that any non-support from the left of MA AG Martha Coakley's candidacy versus now MA-Sen Scott Brown was a massive mistake. Not that there's anything wrong with massive mistakes.

Oh, wait . . .

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Sad to say, this hasn't been the first time I've been underwhelmed by the likely choices. Now that I think about it, when was the last time I was really interested? Probably 1988. Even in 2008, with so many to choose from, none seemed like they were sure to be a good President. At best, I had some faint hope some of them might be.

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I have a hunger for the intrigue of politics, quite apart from my desire for good governance and lawmaking. The horse race is interesting watched from a distance, full of fascinating characters. If only they weren't all united in their desire to screw us over.

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It is really quite simple. A vote for any Democrat or any Republican is a vote for kleptocracy. I will not vote for kleptocracy.