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The 2011 elections

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Next year the entire state legislatures of Virginia, New Jersey, and Kentucky will be up for election. Also, there will be municipal elections across the country.

If you are thinking of running for office as a Green or any other emergent party, local office is the way to go. At the local level personal and volunteer energy can often make up for a lack of funds. A modest direct mail combined with an narrowly targeted online advertising will be all the formal advertising you need. TV and radio usually do not play a role in municipal politics.

There are so many great issues at the local level. Does Goldman Sachs or any of the TARP babies handle your town's finances? Run for treasurer on a platform of changing to a community bank.

Or run for school board as an opponent of charter schools.

On the other hand, is there a local race that you are involved in? Either as a candidate or supporter? Please blog about it.

If we start in 2011 we can begin the work of creating a credible progressive political party that could field a winning presidential candidate by 2016 or at least 2020.

I think that 2012 is a lost cause and we should look to the future. Don't think about White House, think about Town Clerk.

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