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2002, redux

I read Froomkin--except now I know things are probably even worse than he's saying. Krugman's not 'til tomorrow. WaPo, the Times, and NPR are lost causes.

Not much worth reading, any more.

There's Atrios. And the lovely and talented Avedon. And TalkLeft, especially BTD. Scott Horton.

And although I'm sure there are many bright spots that I've forgotten -- I'd list Arthur Silber, except he's hardly a bright spot, although he is illuminating -- that's how it feels.

It's like the run-up to Iraq. The media critique was as for nothing, except to make the tactics of the hunt explicit to the feral. All I can do is lay down the record. Of course, that was six years ago. I was younger then, had more money, and wasn't so tired.

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I feel I'm surrounded by absolute madness. And today is just more proof of it. The BBC (!) of all "news" institutions is running with that non-story of Clinton "smearing" Obama with an "inflammatory" photo

Reality: Drudge spread an absolutely innocuous photo of Obama in traditional African garb and, whaddya know, blamed Clinton for it (I refuse to link to his site). Clinton has denied any involvement (via Wolfson), even having her camp cite that she, too, wore traditional garb whenever she traveled as First Lady (Hell, there are photos of her in a hijab and since Pelosi has been slammed by the right for similar "treasonous" acts she's not immune from attack either).

Maggie Williams:

Worse, this "story" has now become accepted as "truth." Hey, who needs evidence (Drudge?!) or logic (How in the hell could this possibly help her considering how hostile the media is? It makes no sense) when you have irrational, knee-jerk hate? You can't beat crazy.

This is so demoralizing. I still can't get over how many people blindly believe whatever the media (and now blogs) tells them. Beyond the blogs you listed, I still read Left Coaster and Ken Silverstein (of Harper's).

I'm currently medicating myself by watching videos and photos of the gorgeous Marion Cotillard. It's helping.

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I keep saying that the Village is a sack of pus waiting to burst. Unfortunately, it just keeps swelling.

Left Coaster.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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who will write the books about the media and the blogs and then who will read them. Typically, only a major devastation changes the common understanding of what happened. And, then even that is not certain. It may even become dangerous to be us. Mobs are dangerous.

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Submitted by Voodoo Chile on

This primary season has completely sundered the left blogosphere into two groups: Those who spent 8 years merely talking about the need to support Fighting Dems, and those who actually did.

There's only one Fighting Dem left, and unfortunately she sucks on a great many issues. However, there was a time when people had a choice of at least 3 Fighting Dems with strong liberal credentials.

And a lot of people blew it. All the talk about Fighting Dems went straight into the fucking toilet as we prepare to nominate our generation's Joseph Lieberman as our candidate for President. Think about this long and hard, fuckers. You recognize obvious bullshit when Joseph Lieberman says it, but get "chills up your leg" when Obama says the exact same bullshit.

(Obviously the "you," when used pejoratively, does not refer to the fine residents of the mighty Corrente building)

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And while my blood is still raging from this mighty rant, here is why our generation's Joseph Lieberman is succeeding with Joseph Lieberman's rhetoric of bipartisan Unity parades:

It comes courtesy of The Onion. I remember reading this years ago, and I just recently had an epiphany about why otherwise rational (and generally secular and educated) people were getting way too into the Obama "Movement" (since we won't use that other word anymore).

Obama has found a way to make rational, and/or secular, and/or educated people experience the same jubilant feelings that you typically see in black gospel churches, or those snake-handling or speaking-in-tongues type of white-folk churches.

The real Joseph Lieberman puts people to sleep, but our generation's Joseph Lieberman knows how to work a crowd as if it were a high-energy religious event.

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I highly recommend his post about the hilarity of a DKOS diarist's outrage at the DLCer support Obama has received:

He can not imagine that Obama's Unity Schtick is precisely what the DLC and Joe Lieberman have been preaching for decades and that the progressive blogs were supposed to be fighting AGAINST.


Sadly, it is this kind of insightful and honest analysis that has gotten Talk Left slammed on at least one other blog. See

Other sane or mostly sane voices I've found during this crazy season are Shakesville where Melissa McEwan has done a terrific job of addressing the misogyny that flows from Obama, his supporters, and the MSM ( and Tom Watson (

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Whenever you read something that greatly inflames you written by one you would regard as a sister or brother, bank the fire.

We live in a time not only of Total Information Awareness, we live in a time of Information Warfare.

It's not just the D.o'D. doing it. It's all their contractors, and their subcontractors, and their allies and operatives. It's all their moles and proxies. The handpuppets themselves have puppets, and their masters move on strings even they can not see.

It's time to be a grown up. It's time to understand your own motivations and priorities. It's a time to test your humanity and values like no other, because you can trust only what you know, and you must know the database is corrupted.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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... because things like gardening and wine and cheese are far less easy to corrupt than information.

Well said, KB. Well said indeed.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.