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1% pony dies

Not parody! Izvestia:

Ms. Williams had paid thousands of dollars to lease a pony for Katie to ride in a hunter competition, a 12th birthday present. Soon after arriving, their trainer left to administer an injection to a nearby pony, Humble, that Katie’s friend, also celebrating her 12th birthday, was scheduled to ride shortly.

Moments later, with Ms. Williams and her daughter watching, Humble collapsed and died. The death of a supposedly fit pony about to carry a young rider over hurdles was worrisome by itself, but circumstances surrounding the death made it even more so.

Spoiler alert: Drugs. Oh well.

And "Humble." So very appropriate.

I'm sorry about Humble, who didn't deserve any of it. But then, I'm still waiting for my pony....

NOTE "Long Shot Kick De Bucket" was apparently the Pioneers' breakthrough hit....

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I'm beginning to question the idea of "sport".

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This idea of "sport" needs some examining.