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1917: Aliyah begins ...

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Jews buy land in Palestine. Individuals and organizations purchase the ground. They buy farmland; they buy homes; they buy land in the Negev desert. They pay for it.

They began to move to it. Arabs began to riot. Arabs killed the first Jews in 1929 to stop immigration into Palestine.
One man dreamed of a state, a homeland, for Jews as early as 1881. He wrote about his dream; his people set out to make it come true.

The difference between Zionism and Nazism is that the Jews started by buying the land. They didn't start a war to take it away from the 'noble savage' Arabs. They were fairer in their efforts than their contemporaries in the US. They didn't slaughter the indigenous peoples.

So let's look at a hard truth here. Hez-b-allah is in the wrong.

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